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Stop Smart Meters in New Jersey

I am writing a blog to raise awareness of smart meters for New Jersey. I live in Morris County and I am served by Jersey Central Power and Light.

Please bear with me the way I do research is sporadic, and I update this blog from time to time with new findings. So this will not be the most clearest presentation of smart meter dangers. If you would like to learn about all smart meter dangers a better source of knowledge would be:

On the following article, two people, who’s experience must be known are Ann Lambert and Fred Harlan.

Ann Lambert · Top Commenter · PCC Cascade
“I have 4 of them on my living room wall. Since they appeared, I’ve had extreme medical issues manifest themselves on me AND my previously healthy cat died of “unknown” heart failure just a few months after they were quietly installed. My heart is now malfunctioning as well. My blood pressure constantly and inexplicably spikes to dangerous levels. These problems did not exist before the smart meters came along.

They even interfere with my wireless router every time they emit their data. I can actually hear them buzzing on the other side of my wall, even though my ears constantly ring now.

I can’t emphasize how dangerous I believe these devices are”

Fred Harlan · Top Commenter · Quality Control at Lawn-Tex Land Scape
“I no longer live in the U.S.A. I now live in Mexico,my wife and I mostly live off our S.S. tho she works 10 Hrs. a wk. at a large University in,we could not live and have the life style we do here in the States,we had 2 have a smart meter installed for the condo we live in,it is located far a way from our home so we have no issue with it causing us health problems,but our elect. bill has increased dramatically,nothing we can do about that except we use our elect.appliances as little as possible and we leave our micro wave unplugged and have most appliances on a power strip so we can turn them off when not in use and it has saved us a lot of money each month. this reply has been much longer than I intended,but what you said Paul I totally agree with you and oh,my wife and I use our P.C,s a lot and also the t v. were we live,it si sunny yr. round and never gets lower than 55 degrees in the winter,we have no A/C or heat,never very humid here and we love it here.adios”

If you type “smart meter dangers” in google, you will see corporately funded online news websites trying to debunk this. You will see that with everything. Everyone now knows that cell phones are dangerous, and also GMOs, as the GMOs are banned in most of Europe. Cell phones are linked to cancer. When people started spreading information about them, the news articles would write corporate funded articles to try to debunk the dangers, until they stopped of course because there was just way too much evidence.

When I began my research about New Jersey first I found that the BPU was ordering military families to have smart meters, unless they used Energy star appliances. The text at the end of the document even is questionable as the writer uses all caps.

On February 11, 2013, I contacted First Energy Corporation, which is the branch organization giving power to much of this area of the country. They knew I was a JCP&L customer and this is what they said when I asked if I can be opted out of a smart meter program.

“Thank you for using FirstEnergy’s website. Unfortunately, you cannot opt out of the Smart Meter program.”*

*please bear in mind this is a semi-deceptive statement, more on that later.

Last year before Hurricane Sandy there was zilch talk in New Jersey about smart meters. As you can see from the map by 2015, they thought New Jersey wouldn’t have any. But after the storm people thought smart meters may be able to help, I still think not, if wide scale power outage due to storm like that happens again, smart meters would do nothing to help, as everyone’s power was shut off statewide, even us, whose power lines are underground and more reliant than poles above ground.

New Jersey Consumer Advocate Stefanie Brand’s statement.


“Stefanie made it clear that in her view, advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”) also commonly referred to as “smart meters,” are not so smart and in New Jersey have not been shown to be cost-effective. As a result, New Jersey is not deploying smart meters at this time. To garner her support, AMI programs should be voluntary and ideally provide consumers rate”

Made law or not, some parts of New Jersey are going ahead of it. I assume your town will eventually have this too, don’t worry they will always let you know a time frame that they install, but never the time exactly they are at your house, so if you want to tell them you opt out,  that’s a problem, anyways it is because it is not law yet.

I already contacted some of these people sending them a video about smart meter dangers, got no response, I think more action needs to be taken here. They are supposed to stand up for our human rights when government and big business trample on them.

the real quick video I sent. I sent it to Stefanie Brand too, no response. It may just be that sending a YouTube video to people would be seen as spam, and they have no time to sit and watch it.

For new jersey customers:

And it includes an opt out. It was introduced January 8, 2013. JCP&L is so not up to speed. I contacted JCP&L and told them about it.—light-submits-rate-filing-for-hurricane-s.html

It doesn’t matter because the power in long term power outages due to wide scale power line failure like a hurricane, smart meter would NOT tell you when power was coming back. That is reliant on how many people are working on the grid in the trucks! It took it 6 days here to get power returned.

This is what JCP&L wrote, make of it what you will.

“Thank you for using FirstEnergy’s website. I do apologize if I gave you incorrect information. As Bill A3816 has not been passed into law, we cannot provide a form to opt out. Additionally, once it would be passed into law, that option may change.”

article yesterday says the new bill by Lesniak has huge opposition because of rate hikes, NJ is already highest paid, and you can’t justify a smart meter for each home (billions of dollars) just for alerting the power company the power is out. no that’s right, better options, as in finding alternative means of energy and NOW.

links to an earlier article i didn’t see a few weeks ago.

who pays? we do.  and not only in the meters. what they fail to understand is you would need to get all new appliances with special smart chips that communicate with the smart meter. and yes, a hacker can hack into it and turn off your refrigerator whenever he wants.

Everyone who cares about your state legislature becoming aware of the citizens complaints need to contact the senators or representatives responsible for writing legislation about smart meters. We need to contact them to tell them about what is being done in Maine and Vermont, which is representatives getting together and saying electric companies can’t charge fees for people who want to opt out, because there is no provision in the bill to allow for that.

Rlesniak[AT]gmail[DOT]com and AsmFuentes[AT]njleg[DOT]org

How about everyone send them an email or better yet write a letter, thanking them for the opt out and telling them about Maine and Vermont’s push to also ban fees on the smart meter opt outs. I say why not, we are already in, because they have drafted “opt out” in the original bill, so we may have a chance at this.

UPDATE 3/12/2013

Good video people need to watch. It is important people see this smart meter agenda is big and part of a much bigger world plan that has been around for nearly 100 years.

UPDATE 3/17/2013

Smart meters scaring away birds in new jersey

PSE&G looks to spend 3.9 billion dollars to improve electricity grid for their customers. Smart meters, has nothing to do with improving the electrical grid, which really would involve putting new parts everywhere.

JCP&L joins emergency response groups. This has nothing to do with smart meters, but I thought I would share.

Also thought I would let you know about a new law that was proposed, it is the carbon tax law, giving fees for every mile you drive in the state of new jersey.

Anti-united states constitution Gestapo living large in new jersey

This is old news, but after giving you a lot of negatives today, this was a positive, a win for New Jersey citizens thanks to the ACLU, causes the NJ MVC to drop the TRU ID program.

UPDATE 3/25/2013

In Texas this week, raised voices, arguing, anger, heated debate about smart meters between politicians who have been bought off and one politician who stands in support of the people’s causes.

Read a pro smart meter webpage to find out that this smart grid is WORLD WIDE.

There is no escaping it, unless people wake up, and start living OFF THE GRID, the way our ancestors did. Society is likely going to splinter, between people who want to be a part of the future police state and people who want to live in peace in nature. And I don’t think the people who live in that police state run by smart grids with carbon taxes are going to sit around idly and let other people live their lives in peace with mother nature. I think a war is coming between those two factions. Genocide by those who want in on those who don’t want in.

Where is billions of dollars going in the future? To enhance the control and assimilation of the one world government under the name of “clean” energy.

I think I told you about this, but a reminder, PSE&G proposed 250 million dollars for smart meters.

Check out an awesome article written by Michigan awareness group

Someone dies from smart meter usage

Newark New Jersey will be inundated with smart meters by summer 2014. Interesting that they call this the new era economy. That goes in line with what I have been saying that the new economy would be based on how much carbon dioxide is given off by everything that everyone does…

I am not one to protest, but if anyone wants to go protest smart meters, please do so in a very calm manner with pamphlets on the dangers of smart meters, maybe you can help awaken some young students attending these conferences in April, because if we don’t educate our youth about the dangers of this, they will never know, they are going to be so far entrenched in advancing this sustainable agenda that the next generation living on this planet will not have a voice.

Will Naperville Smart Meter awareness group be able to appeal the court’s decision to dismiss their lawsuit? Find out by April 5, 2013

Sort of good news for the time being. BPU has rejected PSE&G smart grid investment proposals. They need to give evidence that this would actually improve the system first.

PSE&G anyways was going to begin smart meter advanced testing deployment summer 2008. I have no idea if they actually went through with it, guess not.

This is good news, I didn’t know New Jersey residents were that aware of alternative energy (solar). Maybe they really are ready to beef it up and go off grid.

Our nation’s capital has some smart meter awareness support (old article then new one)

and then something sick in the news of the last week you should know about:

New Jersey home raided because of facebook photo of responsible boy holding gun

UPDATE 4/23/2013

JCP&L rate increases to pay for Hurricane Sandy damage. If people are this upset over this, I hope they will be upset when the rate hikes are to “upgrade” the grid. Right now as far as I know the rate hike was to cover the costs of all the repairs.

In the meantime JCP&L working to get safety response teams faster response times. That sounds like a good usage of money.

President John Lynch is going to retire this summer. He wasn’t really a  bad guy. let’s hope that the replacement is not going to start pushing smart meter agendas at us.

New research into smart meters shows it interferes with radio bands.

A  family of 8 are in the dark in Los Angeles because they refused to use a smart meter.

Interesting patent pending smart meter shield. Not sure if it really works. Did someone actually test it? wouldn’t if it cut off all RF frequencies so it wasn’t dangerous to our health, it would prevent the thing from transmitting information over the airwaves to the utility company…AND make it useless junk, then they will come out and remove it, and possibly fine you for vandalizing THEIR property.

I contacted them asking them that. I saw an idea to use orgonite. Not sure if that would really work, but it would not close off the thing so that if the utility guy came by he would get mad, and remove it and fine you.

Atlantic City Electric has proposed smart meters and over the next 4 to 5 years smart meters will be installed there.

Please take note people of Atlantic City, smart meters will not reduce your bill. Smart meters will reduce your power consumption by forced quotas during heat waves for sure.

It’s funny how people who talk about going green are creating a new type of pollution different than gas pollution and smog. They are creating a new type of radio frequency pollution that is much more deadly and they don’t even realize. I used to head an environmental club at my school and then halfway into the second semester of my position there I realized the sham that is global warming and what is being done to make us feel bad for breathing.

Smart meters is a worldwide phenomenon that will likely come down to many people having to chose to live off grid, and possibly war between the social classes like we’ve never seen before.

President Obama proposed an updating of the grid of our nation in his presidential address back in February. Good news for energy industry, not good news for real sane people.

So while many people try to oppose smart meters and don’t land a footing in court, utility companies around America are facing serious heat by the big boys for not complying and putting on smart meters fast enough!

Another new jersey patriot talks about evils of smart meters:

I like the comments at the end, shows most people commenting online are with us. The articles are not written for most people to read, they are written for the chronies to communicate with each other and show off.

UPDATE 5/23/2013

I found another petition online, very small unfortunately but anyways we need to sign it to stand together. It doesn’t matter to me that it was a guy in Georgia, because like I said the smart meter program is worldwide and the elite won’t stop until everyone’s got one so we have to stop them wherever they are putting them in.

and one from Pennsylvania, I am the only one from New Jersey so far to sign it, everyone else is from Pennsylvania because they probably all know each other through friends on Facebook. No one really but me is doing searches for smart meter every month on Google regardless.

petition for Indiana

Environmental people at

are asking for help for New Jersey saying they have power issues (probably referring to last year’s super-storm Sandy) Just so you know, I hope no big company tries funding their smart meter program because new jersey doesn’t care to spend money on it.

Well this is bad news that the United States Corporation is funding the smart meter project and First Energy Corp is on it’s pay roll.

The conclusion of some energy experts at Synapse Energy Economics, Inc is that smart meter grid is useless. There are better alternatives. That’s good news. Where did they go? This report was from 2008!

Their website was updated a few weeks ago, so they aren’t out of business… So three of the five people who wrote that document still work there. Maybe someone would like to call them on the phone. here is the page for their contact information:

What you would ask is if they can continue to guide many utilities away from smart meter usage or not…

This link is from last Fall, maybe you guys would like to send an email telling them you don’t want a smart meter and why. I am not one to like to pester these types. That’s asking for trouble.

more pro-smart meter people

it would be great if a celebrity with a lot of twitter followers would tweet horrible stories about people having to live in the dark or being arrested for refusing a smart meter. That would definitely get attention of the sleepers.

another pro smart meter person lists their contact info on this page:

Surprising good news I think, renewable energy sources IS the way to solve the energy crisis, NOT a smart meter grid! Offshore wind turbines! And an undersea cable to help service New Jersey.

Good video to watch on the history of deregulation of energy in New Jersey

Good use of the money, build more solar panels instead of smart meters!

And they are proposing even more. Very good alternative to smart meters, which do NOTHING to save us from electricity failure. Solar with backup batteries to hold power is very important so that if the plant goes down, or some cable gets taken out during a storm, you have backup power.

Better than smart meters: instant messages on your phone to report outages, contacting the company quick and easy. Assuming the cell phone still has reception.

Another blog like mine here: he did some really great research on Agenda 21.

Of course they are brainwashing our kids in schools to get them to believe in the lies about CO2 and get their adults to be “green” but in the wrong way, the corporate way:

Here is another pro smart meter Agenda21 blog

wow the stats on this are very suprising, and i wouldn’t be surprised if they were fabricated

I don’t know very disrtubing polls:

Either it’s the biggest con ever, or pew conducts skewed polls, messing with numbers just like the IPCC scientists did when they fabricated their “global warming” results. The earth seems to be warming, but it’s due to CHEMTRAILS/HAARP and the SUN. Has nothing to do with greenhouse gases, that’s all nonsense. You breathe out CO2 and they want to eventually tax you every time you breathe, or at least make you feel bad to be alive, like you are a polluter by your very nature.

Awesome, common sense points to only really mind controlled status quo people who love to obey the telephone will answer these stupid PEW polls!

If you think smart meters can’t be hacked, get a load of this:

FBI warns companies against HVAC hack, a smart meter wouldn’t be very much different as it’s similar technology. smart meter save power? that’s bull. some more pro-agenda 21 people listed here! I can’t login to American Coalition Against Smart Meters because I don’t have Facebook. haha you think the WHO really care about the EMF pollution when they are tied into the UN agenda 21 program? This would put EMF pollution to the max. Not only that but sound pollution too because the smart meter makes a buzzing noise!

I really don’t care what another “expert” has to say.

It’s up to you if you want to flood her email or voice mail…

Another “who cares”

A couple Baltimore Jews are awake (you will only get to see those if you look now, as I searched for the last month).

Just across the Delaware River, much pro-smart grid research is going on.

New Jersey is in the top 3 in the nation for solar power.  You can’t exactly steal sunlight, but they certainly can block it out, if they transition only to sun power, they can block it out with engineered storms and chemtrails causing outages so they can have fun checking their smart meters!

Sign their petition to get some updates on smart meters, though I think my blog is more updated as their last tweet was February 4.

After seeing  how entrenched society is in this smart meter thing as a result of “global warming scam” I don’t know if it even matters if the men at the top the “global elite” are removed from power, because there are so many people working at every level of society. If your child is in public school, he most likely is believing that you will need a smart meter. They likely have whole units dedicated to this. come see here if your town is a part of Agenda 21.

New PSE&G proposal for NJ BPU has nearly half a billion dollars dedicated to smart meter

This is good for people who live in those towns.

For all the people who believe the economy is set to collapse, no it’s not. The smart grid people depend on it. Agenda 21 depends on it. That’s a lot of money being devoted to investing in these things.

I just donated to this guy who is aware of smart meter dangers and all about better health. Why not.

Should be interesting to you, as legislature is exercising eminent domain by taking away property on the Jersey shore to buff it up with sand dunes. while it’s immoral, you have to wonder why do you still want to live on the shore, if it’s dangerous as more HAARP storms could come and destroy your home causing more damage and more repair costs every year.

Still would be a lot more insane if it was inland, but this could set a precedent.

A nicer way is to buy those homes, demolish them, and then turn that space into flood water catchment, which is environmental lands, obviously not for you. So sort of Agenda 21 right there. Again not as blatant as buying up property inland because inland was not damaged. So they would need that eventually, gas mane explosion/missile Indiana November 10, 2012, fertilizer plant West Texas explosion April 15, 2013 anyone?

UPDATE 6/1/2013

Now I finally see a sinister agenda behind New Jersey’s green power initiative, by placing thousands of solar panels and hundreds of wind turbines off the coast. They want to have enough power back into the grid that they can  control. They don’t want you having your own generator or way of creating power. They don’t do anything beneficial without there being dark motives.  If you got this far on my blog you will know that it is not a conspiracy when the government and electricity companies are working together. This is because they are going to use the electricity grid for mind control, and doing so they can take over a whole nation at once and induce riots to give them what they want, martial law and total control. This has gotten a lot m ore serious now. Listen to Miles Johnston UFO researcher at 1:18:00

UPDATE 6/28/2013

Smart meters in Hoboken: Department of Energy (Federal government) is helping them.

Hoboken is clearly happy to be on board with Agenda 21, using the Hurricane Sandy myth that smart grid would give more reliability to the system. PSE&G is behind the agreement, just a bunch of satanic cabal people thanking their “green” brethren. I am still looking for a timeline, when they expect to have Hoboken under complete Orwellian control.

Smart meters in Newark: about 12,000 smart electric meters to be installed and 10,000 smart water meters. Honeywell licks its lips on the money they and Newark city will make.

Smart Meters plan for Gloucestor City:

For PSE&G in South Jersey area:

“UPDATE:  June 28, 2013

We heard from PSE&G yesterday, June 27. According to Karen Johnson, a spokesperson for the company, PSE&G has no plans to installl smart meters.

She writes, “So sorry Bill but for some reason I missed these earlier emails, otherwise I would have responded. Thanks for following up. We have no plans to install smart meters. Again, my apologies.”

~ Karen Johnson, spokesperson for PSE&G”

So it’s sort of confusing, the mayor of that town wants it, but PSE&G I guess have no actual plans yet. The Smart Meter Grid plan is WORLD WIDE. I hope you understand that. Single towns are going to have to ban the installation, and most governments have at least one person who’s part of the satanic cabal pushing for the new world order. We need to find out who that person is and remove them. In the mean time, we need to educate people locally and pressure our town governments to ban these smart meters.

Bans on smart meters:

I stated that Sebastopol in California tried to but backed off back in March.

UK delays smart meters and Italy bans it? I doubt that. Truth about Italy and other countries. I don’t know where this lie has started that Italy bans them. Because they have NOT. Italy is more ahead than practically every other country in the world. Tried commenting the truth on people’s blogs, but they may just not let it go through as they are awaiting moderation. Know the truth is here on my blog, I am not spreading lies. I tried to comment as many places as I could the truth, but many places comments are closed, must be approved, and impossible to comment.

from the Reuters article:

“BOLOGNA, Italy, May 30 (Reuters) – European utilities are taking a cue from Italian state-controlled power provider Enel , the pioneer of digital electricity metering which has driven installation levels to more than 90 percent in Italian households.”

Hugo Sandon 1 month ago wrote:

“Might I suggest that anyone who is arguing in favor of smart meters should live in a house that has one for a month and then come back and say they have no effect. I have just spent a week in a house with such technology and it felt awful. It was exhausting. Anyone who says they have no effect is surely numb.” Good to be an Indian. Osoyoos Indians ban smart meters from their land And Woodstock NY bans smart meters. But they don’t know if they have the legal authority to do it. Fluoride in your water New Jersey. I got an instinctual thing not to bother contacting these people. They are total retards and care more about staying in office and they stay in office because they have lobbiers that make their profits. Also the story is quite old.

Please PETITION HERE: PSE&G gets its solar panel plan. California has most of the smart meters. I read somewhere they banned it there, which isn’t true. One town like I said tried to but backed off. social media would be faster, safer, and more reliable than smart grid, which is not used to monitor outages, but monitor all your daily activities via which appliances you use. 7 things at home that track your every move: Printers, coupons, eBooks, credit cards, loyalty cards, Electricity Smart meters, TV this is about climate change. climate change is happening, no denying that. what I am denying is that it’s caused by coal plants and other burning of fossil fuels. That is a major con like I have proven before. LIES. No dangers? I think most of Maryland is under smart meter control now, and even if some people are aware of the opt out, they will be affected health wise by their neighbor. Remember how Los Angeles used to be inundated with smog and days where you couldn’t see? Well think about electricity smog from wifi and that’s Maryland. I challenge Pepco to watch the hours and hours of footage of the reality of smart meter damages that I have posted on my blog. I challenge these people to really investigate it. And in the sense, live in a house that has a smart meter or several. Sleep with wifi router next to your head. Really, Obama administration wants to be like Italy, he’s mad jealous of the Italians and wants billions of dollars to upgrade all of America. Please don’t ask them any questions about safety of smart meters. Government will always lie. That’s what they do so well.

I am hoping we won’t get hit with another hurricane. Hurricane Sandy was sent directly at New Jersey on purpose because it’s so densely populated and they want to start with the densely populated states and then later move to rural areas, possibly get those people out of them and into the cities. Therefore I do not agree with Alex Jones or peabodies like him that there would ever be terrorist attacks in cities again, and if there is any threat it’s those living in rural areas. They don’t want those people living there, and want them living in suburbs and cities. how a smart thermostat is used to cut peak power down. I think most appliances are going to be “smart” to cut power down. this is a press releases from a smart meter manufacturer that people are being told to read. Problem created by elite: Hurricane. Reaction: towns demand reliable grids. Solution: they give them smart meters. Again, smart meters wont even deliver information if the entire grid is down, but for bits and pieces it may work. STILL, they have to spend days fixing everything by putting up new power lines. If electricity was made of something else, such as something that cannot flow in cables, then would that rid us from the energy barons power? Yes it would. But I am still not a big fan of wireless anything because WiFi and several radio frequencies from cell phones and other emf dangers.  It’s the one area they will say no evidence shows that it’s dangerous. That’s only because they never studied it. talks about the frequencies emitted. interview for take back your power. Energy Strong proposal. PSE&G control LIPA now. IBM, that’s the same company that developed the first computers for use by Nazis during WW2 to document the prison camps. JCP&L putting up transmission lines through Monmouth County Sounds good that they fixed it up without the use of smart meters. I have seen this work going on around New Jersey.

UPDATE 7/29/2013 I’m glad some people wake up that they put a petition out there, but realize this is not an easy quick sign up and many people don’t want to sign up on the site. I’ve been linking to petitions on there for a long time, I don’t want to even acknowledge the federal government has any authority, if I can. Doing that would be acknowledging that the federal government has authority over you to make decisions regarding your lives. I think the better option though is get all the members in the community aware of this issue and if everyone says no, the government then has to submit, it’s the government FOR the people BY the people, remember? But you need to get everyone before signing up. Get everyone out in towns square out of their smart meter homes and coordinate a boycott self imposed black out shut down the economy for 1 day and see how the elites like it when their cash doesn’t flow in. They have no authority over us other than the authority we allow them to have. We can go 1 day without power, but can they? That’s billions of dollars lost for them. I don’t think they want to go 1 day. And I think we can go two days. I know I can go 6 days because I went six days after Hurricane Sandy. This is really silly. I hope people of the UK are smarter than this than to buy this. “I am the UK government. Let me hold your hand my children while we toxifiy you with these smart meters, don’t worry, keep calm and carry on.”

So obviously this gives absolute credence to when I said that the UK is not interested in smart meter objections, and their answer is they are going to do it anyways and try to make it as smooth as possible for them. They did not heed the call of the dangers and have sold their people out. this is really scary because I hear hums in the wall recently in my home, and don’t know what it is, but it’s not a smart meter. good idea, another form of protest is if you suspect the government of getting their hands on your data, throw them a curved ball. Rememeber the movie Noise with Tim Robbins? He gave them a piece of what they had made him endure and they passed a resolution finally to end the noise. Well same goes for this. I bet the government doesn’t have to live in a home being blanketed with microwaves. Also I know that Monsanto doesn’t serve GMO and that elite bankers don’t send their children to be dumbed down in public schools…

please sign this, it’s almost there.

I am not going to post a comment here because that would be trolling, but obviously you know they are wrong.

notice it’s not just about spying, it’s also about money, and if everyone turned off their power for 1 day they would lose tons of money and seek compromise. It may sound extreme, but they aren’t doing anything short of exploiting you by forcing you to get a smart meter and if you don’t upgrade pay a monthly fine for punishment. so this guy put a sheet of lead nailed around the smart meter and got rid of his pain? interesting, and I wonder if that would work for many people. The woman had to move into a camper down the road. I don’t know where they got the information that smart meters were banned. I don’t think they are anywhere but the place I mentioned last month.

Interesting “Dr. Rea has gone to great lengths to keep harmful frequencies out of his practice. The aluminum blinds, porcelain floors, glass shields over walls, keep his patients protected.”

watch the second video to see the faraday cage around her bed and Dr. Rea’s office.

You aren’t safe in La Ville-Lumière BGE says it needs this fee, like if they don’t get it, they will not be able to do their job properly. Listen Maryland if you let them place fees on you for wanting to opt out, that’s just the beginning. Stand your ground in your rights. I hope that meeting went well, because no one reported anything. Prediction: Another hurricane this year will wipe out the grid for another week and the governor and BPU will have to order JCP&L to get on the smart meter program. Remember I contacted them about opting out? Well they said I couldn’t. But it was because there is no plans on the board for it. They don’t have the money grants like PSE&G does for Newark and Hoboken. My belief is that Hurricane Sandy was created and sent specifically into New Jersey for that very purpose because Christie and BPU were very stubborn to be a part of Agenda 21. So they are trying to get the people to ask for smart meters! Brilliant isn’t it? [Sarcasm]. Same as 911 which was a false flag attack so Bush could create the Patriot Act and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. I mean, there were cost concerns for New Jeresy and everyone there didn’t want to be a part of the program, and then all of a sudden the big storm and people are starting to talk. The world is too rigged. If you want to know more about how rigged Obama’s life was, read this: 54 towns are apart of Energy Strong for PSE&G and 70% of polled customers approve of it. you know obviously you are compared to your neighbor to get you to use less, in sort of a “feel good” because you are getting a lowered carbon footprint. Global warming is a scam, because it’s really caused by both the sun and the geoengineering, not carbon dioxide. Thanks Terry Ferebee for being awake.

UPDATE 9/9/2013

PSE&G smart meter program, read who supports it. If your town or business is on it, you are going to get a smart meter real soon, if not already.

As of September 6, 2013
A growing number of communities, business groups and labor organizations across the Garden State have endorsed PSE&G’s Energy Strong investment proposal. Energy Strong would make the utility’s electric and gas systems more resilient and better protect New Jersey against future Sandy-like storms.
Businesses & Business Organizations
 ACME Development
 Alliance for Action
 Bridgewater Commons
 Burger Stop International
 Camden Iron and Metal
 Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey
 Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey
 Corrib Biofuels
 Covanta Energy
 Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce
 Gellert Global Group
 Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce
 Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce
 Hillside Plastics
 Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth
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I was in Millburn today and I thought I could feel smart meters because my head was pounding. I thought smart meters all beam their information every 15 minutes in sync. But Millburn doesn’t have any. Though they want them.

Protect your family and home from a smart meter. Let me know how this works.

Interestingly Germany is rejecting smart meters.

UPDATE 9/28/2013

I realized that when driving through Milburn and my head was pounding, it may have been because they installed smart gas or smart water meters there. They didn’t get smart electric meters yet. My focus should be on all 3 we are going to be getting all three. In case you didn’t know anything with the name “smart” in front is actually not smart but is so that the governent can watch and control everything you do. But for me, what hurts the most is the RF signal. My head feels like it’s going to explode. If my head was right up against it, I probably would pass out from the pain. So I don’t know now, it’s a race against time to get out of town. Keeping up with JCP&L updates daily is not good enough because I felt what smart water/gas meters do by themselves, just driving up the street. Those are not as strong. They only operate 20-25 feet so the guy could take the reading in the van instead of walking onto your property. Take a look at what New Jersey American Water, NJAW is doing: EMF shielding in the house. This won’t work, if you live in a neighborhood, you have to shield your whole house because the signal is coming from every direction. think of 25 foot circles for smart water meters and much larger mesh network for smart meter obviously because they are supposed to read them from their offices and not even send a truck. Read how it works here: They are anticipating huge health care costs because millions are going to be rushed to the hospital. Humanity is going to end up being slaves, and drugged up big time.

absolutely lies? seriously?

They love spying on you from a distance remember? Satan wants his antichrist kingdom smart, and everything will be tagged with an RFID tag, even you! (Revelation 13:16-17) RFID also gives off similar frequencies, but I’m not sure if they are as dangerous because they are very small. But I did drive through town and feel headaches similar to described on the emf safety network.

I am glad because these people are not fooling anyone here, look at the comments.

When we were driving through the town, I felt the smart gas/water meters. But like companies say it only happens once for a few seconds a day. Really a lie because though, it lasted about a few minutes and then when I was going through the area later I didn’t feel anything because there was no signal being broadcast. I have no idea why I should have felt that feeling though other than this. I saw hard white hat utility men walking on the street too and many white pickup trucks around. I keep thinking how Satan sets up his companies so you have to call one only for them to tell you they don’t know the answer and try someone else and them only to tell you to call the one you just called!

PG&E says the average number of RF pulses for the electric meter would be about 10,000, per meter, per day and the maximum number over 190,000.

Why else would they be killing people left and right? And sending up doctor bills. The smart meter and Obamacare rollout at the same time is not a coincidence, they are anticipating many more ER visits. For supposed “unknown” causes because these people would never admit what it was that caused it!

Remember, they want to depopulate 90% of the world’s population. Georgia Guidestones for a green earth. Bill Gates has been quoted on wishing depopulation.People are so closed into boxes to where they live. New Jersey, you must be here because you finally heard about a smart meter, but people in other states have been battling this for a long time, several years already. I say get out of your little box of facebook and townsie friends and start thinking globally.

The smart remote gas meters were installed in Milburn last year, but they were still installing them recently and it just so happened that the street we were on got theirs before we went, sometime in August 2013.

If you become a “squatter” as in someone who decided to save more water (good for the environment eh?) and use buckets rather than much running water, then they know, and they don’t like it! I guess same goes for if you got a smart meter and just decided to use as little electricity as possible so you wouldn’t have to pay much, they wouldn’t like it. Say you had batteries and solar panels taking care of most of it. They don’t like that. They want to know everything you are using. Remember, rarely stated, but me a Christian, I know where this is headed. Satan, master of the world wants to be omniscient like the All-mighty God, and know what everyone is doing at every time and needs this smart system to be able to do that.

If you don’t comply with the water company, they will shut off your water. You can email someone who used to work for them and is probably angry he lost his job.

Texas has been proactive against smart meters:

UPDATE 11/6/2013

Now a cost effective way to install smart grid. I was wondering how they would outfit everyone with a smart meter? Well the elites have wised up that we do not want a smart meter and now they are installing wireless transmitters inside your analog meter. It costs less money for them. I think most could be done this way and most will and they certainly won’t tell you about it. I wonder if that is what happened in Milburn already when I drove through last week it was hurting me too. See, they are still going to pull off their satanic smart grid spy network no matter what. We can’t foil their plans unless we chose to turn off our own power, if that’s legal, I don’t even know. Can they sue you for living in a cold dark house? Usually they are the ones to turn off the power of those who don’t pay their bills.

List not complete. But I would think they could get them all as long as they aren’t very old models anyways.

Elster AB1R
General Electric I-70-S
Landis+Gyr MS MX
Schlumberger J5S
Siemens MS MX

More proof that climate change is not due to carbon emissions. This is a scam to tax everything you do, maybe even your breathing. It’s true that chemtrails and HAARP have been used to heat the planet.

Where I live they have

2 General Electric 1-70-S

3 Sangamo J4S

2 Westinghouse D4S

So since the first can be retrofitted, I wonder if that means the others can too because it doesn’t make sense for JCP&L to continue to have all different models of meters forever. Eventually they are going to want standardization. All companies do. That’s when I have to leave because I am an electro-sensitive.

I have a headband and jacket with hood from Lessemf and they only reduced the pain from the smart water or smart gas meters that were already installed in some residential neighborhoods in Milburn. Which means, I still had pain. The pain was reduced more when I held my hands over my head.

UPDATE 12/19/2013

mass extinction and genocide depopulation of the earth in the next 20 years from this smart grid. take a look at what your pet will experience when the smart grid goes up.

UPDATE 1/4/2013

“Citizens for Health” and “Natural Solutions Foundation” are controlled opposition groups on the Codex issue. We believe the true purpose of these groups is to assist the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations by recommending grass roots actions which appear plausible on the surface to the poorly informed, but which upon close inspection fail to hold up to careful scrutiny.

sounds like “take back your power” guys…

Because they have Foster Gamble from “Thrive” listed on their DVD cover box as an endorsement. I did not want to watch it but thought it could be a good INTRODUCTION. For the real deal you must see my blog. It’s loaded. This stuff cannot be challenged by writing letters of disagreement or threatening the politicians. THE ONLY WAY to stop the smart grid is to take your entire community off grid yourselves. Entire blocks turning off their power. And turning off their own water and gas. Hopefully they have propane tanks for heating, water catchment basins, and solar panels and back up batteries for power storage. They must all pool their resources to buy these things and plan some week to install it all at the SAME TIME. Then the police cant do a damn thing, they better just JOIN the resistance. You think you can write your congressman or governor? These people have sold their souls to the devil. YOU WILL FAIL. Mark my words this whole thing where people write their utility not giving permission, litigation, or locks on the meter, which IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY is going to fail. Just look at the people who go to their town board about the chemtrail problem. They were ignored. If there is a global march on something: 350 day (2009), Occupy Movement (the money system 2011-), and March against Monsant0 (2013), which are all controlled by the elite. 350 day was to usher in global warming legislation worldwide for climate change that the elite are causing themselves by spraying silver iodide into the atmosphere. I think they may also be spraying aluminum and barium and strontium too. The worldwide occupy movement is asking for a system not based on the current money system because it doesn’t work, it will lead to inflation. And food prices go up and riots will happen. The answer of course will be the moneyless system they always wanted in the RFID chip. And the March Against Monsanto is to raise awareness of GMOs. NOT to raise awareness for organics. It is attacking the problem from the wrong angle to get the food labeled. The only way to get our food labeled properly is to track everything with RFID. This will ultimately lead to the situation presented in Revelation 13, with the implantation of the RFID under our skin. And of course if you read it, there is a spiritual component involved in this chip using satanic magic that will cause it to speak to us telepathically and kill us if we disobey it.  The only way out of it is if we prayed enough to God and received Jesus Christ already.

Remember something, the smart meter and analog meter is not your property, you have no right touching it and modifying it in any way. It is their property. They put it on your house, also not really your property, remember property taxes? If you do not pay the property tax, the bank forecloses your home. Same goes for paying taxes. You want to buy and sell with the federal reserve banknotes USD? Then you need to pay your taxes on your income. Simple, unconstitutional as it is, it doesn’t matter. That is why the solution is to get off the United States Dollar and get on Gold or Silver. But frankly, NOT ENOUGH people are doing it. So that means that it’s actually not going to work and those who do have gold an silver stored up will have their assets taken from them easily when martial law is declared nation wide. But what if an entire town did it? That would be something, they would have to send in the NATO troops and it would be like WACO part 2. Please just make sure you have Jesus Christ already before that happens! You won’t be forgotten.

UPDATE 1/11/2014


New Jersey Transit seeks to modernize their grid and have a microgrid. I am not sure what this has to do with smart meters, since it implies that NJ Transit will have its own electricity grid monitored by its own electricity company. But since smart meter company Sandia National Laboratories will be helping, then it most likely will involve smart grid technology which means you cannot take public transportation to escape the smart grid. Of course. They used Hurricane Sandy to take out NJ Transit so that they would rally for help, the smart meter guys came in to rescue, and this model will serve as national example. I did not comment on their website because I didn’t think they would publish something incriminating themselves. Still, if you search smart meters new jersey, there is not much, my blog is there. Most people never heard of smart meters because they don’t know anything else than what is on TV or in the newspaper.

from article: hxxp://–20130831_1_smart-meters-comed-scott-musser
“On Friday, Scott Musser, associate state director for AARP in Illinois, said members of the senior advocacy organization might not reap much benefit from the meters because about 20 percent of its members do not have access to the Internet to take advantage of the technology. He also said ComEd currently has to visit homes to switch off electricity for nonpayment, but with smart meters, that can be done remotely without regard to the well-being of residents who could be harmed if their medical devices or air conditioning are suddenly turned off.”

Scott Musser is right.

Most people don’t understand the Hegelian Dialectic, problem reaction solution.

They don’t understand that Hurricane Sandy was the problem, the reaction was faster response times, the solution which is their smart grid. They use the word smart because people are going to think they are smarter. Most people really are dumb though and do not understand philosophy. They have successfully dumbed down the American populace.

Not everything conspiracy nuts talk about is going to happen. For instance, they keep worrying about World War 3. But I think World War 3 has been all hype. It may happen, but it’s nothing to be worried about. In reality what you should be concerned about is the pollutants in your environment. They conned everyone into supporting that we are destroying our own planet with the burning of fossil fuels. And the solution is going to destroy the planet with wireless electromagnetic radiation.

it was very upsetting reading this.

Frankly, if you tell someone that 911 was a staged inside job, then they will most likely say, come on, no way. Why? Because they based their whole life that the government is there to protect them. Everywhere they looked, school, church, and TV was saying it. So if someone else says it is not, they doubt it. Well the truth is that government’s have pretty much always been out of control, and democracies always go out of control. That is why we had a 2nd amendment, so we could take it back if they got out of control. That period is long gone. They have technology called silent sound that can pacify you and make you do what they want.

No taking back our country by force. Our only chance like I said is to get communities at a time to go off grid and hope that the government does not send in the hounds, but just in case, make sure you are right with God (through Jesus Christ) before you meet your demise.

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

UPDATE 2/26/2014

Here is a documentary about people living in a tent city in the woods in Lakewood, New Jersey. It speaks about them not being able to find work and losing their home. A Christian pastor steps up and takes care of them opening up a tent city in the woods. The town of Lakewood wishes to shut it down because they do not want to be held responsible for deaths of homeless people. How hypocritical though. They are safer having an actual place to live than living on the streets and in the city park. A tent or small structure is better than nothing. In reality, Lakewood does not want any residents living off its grid! So stop the smart grid. Since 2010, I don’t know if anyone chose to live off grid on purpose to save money and to avoid the health and privacy impacts of the smart grid.  It is interesting that I watched this documentary right when the town is finally moving in to shut them down. God help us.

UPDATE 2/27/2014–228-million-will-be-invested-in-2014-in-the-penelec-a.html automated and remote control is code word for smart grid I think

  • Installing radio controlled switches that can be operated remotely from the company dispatch center, giving our system operators the ability to restore power quickly and efficiently.

This is Pennsylvania.

Obviously this goes in line with what I reported before that they do not need to install smart meters, only little remote control chips in certain meters to effectively turn them into a broadcasting unit, sending huge RF and damaging the health of the young, elderly, sick, and animals nearby.–71-million-will-be-invested-in-2014-in-the-penn-power.html

Penn Power is going to install 14 million dollars worth of smart meters.

So if they are going to install smart meters they will tell you.

“Penn Power serves more than 160,000 customers in all or parts of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Crawford, Lawrence, and Mercer counties in western Pennsylvania.”–140-million-will-be-invested-in-2014-in-the-met-ed-ar.html

Met Ed will also install those remote control devices that mimic smart meters.

UPDATE 2/28/2014–250-million-will-be-spent-in-2014-in-jcp-l-service-ar.html

  • Initiating a Department of Energy $7 million smart grid technology modernization project on three circuits serving Bernards Township, Harding Township and Morristown.

This is where the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is located. See above for the video of the pets that are crippled by electrosmog, and the Swamp people should be expecting this!


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