Unethical business practices of grocery and food companies

Grocery stores have many unethical practices, and they are not confined to food markets. This is a list I compiled of all the complaints I have towards business, and I have found many, but I won’t list the companies because they are widespread, many companies likely take part in this.

the company offers investors, the investors fill out a proxy and put executives they want in the board of directors, this is how evil people end up on top of the company that may have started out in good interests. All companies must sign forms allowing their existence with the IRS. So it takes a certain type of person to be willing to bend the knee to satan to allow his existence. Basically it takes an imperfect sinner who most likely isn’t the most honest person around. It’s either though do business with people who bent the knee to satan or buy local from a nearby farm if you are lucky or grow your own. Atheist do not believe in satan but it does not matter. Just think of it as man’s evil greed personified then… because unless you have been bitten by the corporate bug, you most likely can’t stand it.

I hope by reading this post you will awaken to the state of affairs of one of our basic human rights, which is to eat, because without food, we cannot survive. If you will please use logic, no other life form on this planet needs to buy or sell or use conniving techniques to outdo their competition such as these. If an animal starves, it will because it was not strong enough to hunt, or it’s environment was destroyed by, you guessed it, mankind.

UPDATE 2/19/2013: this post is on the front page of google and gets viewed at least once a day.

  1. spray painting oranges to look more orange
  2. damaging avocados by shipping them improperly causing them to rot (blacken)
  3. canned food has too much water content
  4. bags of chips have less and less material and more air supposedly to protect the material from being crushed, which doesn’t work
  5. fruit and vegetables that are unripe, or over ripe, and portions that are bad being placed so the consumer can not see when picking out packages
  6. false marketing of health on labels such as cheerios claiming itself to be heart healthy or labels on the counter at the store
  7. throwing away tons of food and not giving it to the poor or knocking off the price of them
  8. irradiation without labeling
  9. gassing fruits so they ripen faster (may be legal, but it’s unethical in my opinion)
  10. labeling fish that is farm raised as wild caught
  11. if you have a complaint, and they don’t want to answer, they don’t have to, so they don’t look bad.
  12. not telling you exactly where the food comes from (what farm even) or where the food goes when it leaves the farm in between the time it ends up at the store.
  13. not labeling GMOs
  14. over using paper and plastic that is not recyclable or biodegradable. For example, there is a piece of paper with plastic backing added to blackberry containers.
  15. engage in the mind control of economics such as pricing items as x.99 instead of x.00. For example, you will more likely buy an item that is selling for $2.99 than $3.00 because in fear based consumer shopping, you don’t view the cents, but the first number, because it takes too much time to realize it is only one penny less and time could be a difference between survival and death.
  16. Consumer relations department will always frame the error as not their fault and offer to bribe the consumer with a refund than actually admit to mistakes and change practices (because of legal reasons).
  17. companies saying “raw” on almonds or almond butter jars when all almonds from California are not “raw” due to recent pasteurization laws. Also, the stupidity of USDA and FDA to try to solve contamination issues by pasteurizing food, they should slap on tighter controls at the farm to prevent disease in the first place, not compensate afterwards by destroying nutrients.
  18. It costs more money to buy cans or jars with processed food that has less or no salt, than it does with ones that have salt in it, just because that is the way it has been done and they have to do a change to take salt out of the process. So much for poisoning America. Tiny bit of sea salt may be ok for health, but the quantities that Americans usually eat, that’s another reason why heart disease and other ailments plague our nation. The food manufacturers are in bed with Big Pharma to get people popping pills.
  19. Putting a sticker on top of the fruit to label is fine, but when they do it on top of blemishes on the fruit to disguise it so that people will be succumbed to buy? Unethical.
  20. Keeping fruits and vegetables in storage units that could produce mold.
  21. I had a pepper today that had a chemical taste. I think it was because it was falsely labeled organic. Falsely labeling anything as organic when they are not is unethical. I hope my peppers weren’t inorganic though, maybe it had a chemical taste because it was kept in the fridge for a long time, inside a bag with saran wrap protecting it, even though they say not to do that.


  22. chemicals and steroids in meat products, I mean come on? So to solve the problem of poor animal conditions, they drug them? And American’s fast food industry, they eat this stuff. But Russia is banning them. Maybe people should take notice on this and stop eating dangerous food.
  23. misting fruits and vegetables to make them look fresher. this causes potential rot and attracts disease hxxp://www.livestrong.com/article/548300-why-do-grocery-store-owners-spray-fresh-fruits-vegetables-with-water/
  24. spraying food with live viruses to combat bacterial infection, a route around the no-irradiation law of organic food, because virus is an organic material, it can legally be used! http://www.newswithviews.com/Richards/byron7.htm
    http://www.foodrenegade.com/bacteria-eating-virus-used-as-food-additive-on-organic-food/ so what is being sprayed, is the mist in number 23 include the spray of viruses routinely on the food? or is it done once? this takes me back to number 12, where you don’t ever find out where food went and what processing facilities do…
  25. Labeling products that contain GMO as “natural”. There is NOTHING natural about GMO. All GMO seeds were created inside a laboratory.
  26. labeling cheese as raw when it’s not truly raw. strict laws in US and shelf life do not permit real companies to have raw cheese as it will mold/age fast. They get around the thing by calling it raw when it was just pasteurized below 161 degree. I should have not fell for Mercola garbage and bought some organic raw cheese from a US company! here is the truth: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/raw-cheese-from-store-is-not-raw
  27. FDA and USDA really are criminal organizations. They take names of products that are legally restricted in other countries and sell them with small name changes to confuse and fool American customers. For example “Parmesan” cheese is fake cheese, not the real thing from Italy. http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2012/11/19/the-dark-side-of-parmesan-cheese-what-you-dont-know-might-hurt-you/ and honey is also another example of fake stuff http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2011/11/tests-show-most-store-honey-isnt-honey/#.UTrNBTewc1w and fake tuna http://www.occupymonsanto360.org/2013/02/26/seafood-freakshow-59-of-tuna-mislabeled-fake-tuna-linked-to-anal-oil-leakage/ and fake “stone ground flour” hxxp://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/2006-03-13-stone-ground-flour_x.htm  and domino’s “pure cane sugar” is not pure, it has cornstarch in it. GMOs everywhere you look. I accidentally fed some to yeast.
  28. All fish harvested in the pacific ocean is or will eventually be contaminated to some degree by Fukushima and if any company is saying it is not because they don’t migrate near the plant totally misunderstands how radiation spreads. They need to keep taking tests of their own fish and not let the FDA or any university test it because all them bastards are in cahoots with big pharma and really love the idea that many people are going to eat radiation laced food so that they can get cancer and spend money on pills and chemo therapy. It makes no sense to contact ANY fish organization that links articles to FDA.gov on their website as a source of testing. http://www.nuclearcrimes.org/halibut.php and then in a few years all fish will be completely contaminated because all oceans on earth are connected.
  29. Using the same production facility for many products, and then placing a label: “may contain tree nuts, wheat, milk, or soy.” Now this poses serious concerns, obviously allergic people cannot eat those products, and also claiming that the product is USDA organic when the same facility is used to make products using GMOs. Facilities themselves need to be organic certified, but I have yet to see a company that is completely organic and will always remain that way, as profits become the main reason they are doing business, and the environment degrades, we are likely to see more short sighted actions. Human welfare always takes a back seat to money making and that is what I have proved in my blog.
  30. Chemicals and additives approved in organic that cause disease. there are many. such as http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/the-ingredient-allowed-in-organic-food-that-can-cause-cancer/carrageenan and ALL sweetener substitutes for sugar, I don’t remember the name of one i am thinking about, but no sweetener is healthy, despite what people say. Sugarcane from the plant is much healthier I would suppose than chemical sweeteners companies want to add into products to reduce calories or fight heart disease based on false information.
  31. Companies using nitrates in their products and then claiming since they are not chemical nitrates they are not bad for you. All nitrates are. http://agriculturesociety.com/healthy-living/deceptions-in-the-food-industry-applegate-organic-natural-meats
  32. straight up companies trying to make profit above all else, which means extending shelf lives and using additives and pasteurization (only invented to kill food, as preservation methods that enhanced nutrient content has existed for millenia) and other means to do that. real food is not in existence anymore except if you buy directly from a farmer or grow your own. you can grow your own vegetables in most areas, but you will not be able to feed yourself entirely on this garden and you will never be allowed to own your own cattle or chickens or whatever on your own property unless you live on a farm.
  33. Wow this is a new one, I never felt I got sick off eating tons of apples and pears, because that’s what I do. But they are sprayed with antibiotics. http://www.naturalnews.com/039472_antibiotics_organic_fruits_petition.html the ones not from US and EU though, which is many of the Fuji and gala that I get which says product of Argentina or Chile. Antibiotics is not something i want to ingest, I take garlic and hydrogen peroxide to kill colds, thank you very much. maybe they should spray the trees with some type of oxygen therapy to kill the viruses. UPDATE 4/15/2013 looks like our efforts have won to stop them on this one, not sure why they pulled the plug on this and continue working on GMOs maybe because not enough evil lobbying was in place and we won. hxxp://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2013/04/use_of_antibiotic_in_organic_p.html

UPDATE 4/16/2013

When shopping at Kongs Supermarket today, I grabbed some leeks before they were sprayed down, and then took some kale too. The woman doing the spraying asked me why I didn’t want them to be sprayed. I mistakenly said “because it molds,” and she said “if it molds, it would be all moldy, these get sprayed down once an hour.” This reaffirmed her belief that what she does is right. Anyways, they are wrong. What happens to kale when it goes bad? If kept dry and refrigerated it will turn yellow over time and shrivel up. But what happens if you constantly water it? The water interacts with the cells of the kale and some cells burst and causes the kale to get slimy, especially around the edges, in any breaks in the leaf, and where the twist tie is. The woman doesn’t know that, just thinks kale ages that way, because she doesn’t eat kale. If she knew  what she did was no good for it then she would have 2 choices, keep doing it or lose her job. The supermarket chain top down from illuminati have a way of doing things and if someone doesn’t want to play along they are fired and replaced with someone who will. So it didn’t matter if I said the right thing or wrong thing about it. I didn’t run my mouth and just answered her quickly because she asked.

[UPDATE 6/27/2014 omplaint given to Whole Foods. Kings does the same thing so I just changed the wording when sent to them:

I want to make a complaint about the procedure done at Whole Foods. The greens like kale, leeks, lettuce always gets sprayed down to look “fresh” but this is very costly to the product. It doesn’t keep it fresh and if you inspect it looks bad. I couldn’t buy leeks today because every single one was rotting from the spraying. What the spraying does is gives extra water, more than would be done if it was growing and more than the plant can tolerate, and causes cell walls to become water logged and burst and even attracts mold. I guarantee you, if you check every single bundle of kale that was sprayed down a lot with water by the twist tie you will see the leaves over there rotting more. This is because the water did not have a chance to evaporate and the cells burst causing it to be waterlogged. It’s a pain because the kale has to be ripped off at that part and just gets wasted. And then the leeks does not usually have a tie around it but it gets ruined where the first leaf joins the stem. It’s always brownish grey and moldy if being watered a lot. I hope Whole Foods would find another way to take care of their organic greens that will keep them fresh and not turn into rotten food. When kale ages it turns yellow from the lack of sunlight to produce chlorophyll on a living plant. I did not contact my store because I definitely think it’s something done in the entire chain and needs to be corrected at a corporate level. I even see it being done at Kings Supermarket.]

  1. For stores that don’t sell organic for the highest prices, they do that because they only receive B grade food, and so, every package has some tomatoes that are smashed or sour, some strawberries that have white tops, some lemons that are still green, etc. That’s why you must buy the elitist organic packages from Kongs because they only give them A grade. Not a single white top on a strawberry. And they are all really big. Really big means less strawberries in the package. Also when I want to buy brown eggs, why are there off-white ones in the carton? I was lucky I wasn’t caught switching them because I would have to had complained that they weren’t all brown and I was not getting my money’s worth. Customer always right? Come off it, not with grocery stores. I was already once caught for switching oranges because one bag had a rotten one in it, in fact they all did at least have one orange that was “bad” one time last year.

UPDATE 5/1/2013

I take that back. Kings doesn’t only buy A grade. It sold me C grade kale for A grade price (regular high price 3.99/lb). The kale leaves were small, and turning yellow and brown.
35. Selling lower grade produce at full price what would usually be the highest grade. They don’t knock off prices if the quality of the food diminishes during season either for whatever reason, be it drought, flood, whatever.

UPDATE 5/23/2013

  1. Farmers breeding plants so that they don’t produce seeds. This would allow them or their bosses in the agricultural industry own a monopoly on seeds and prevent regular people like you and me from saving them and only being able to buy them from the industry just like the farmers do. This is bad. Only GMO should work this way but I did find an organic Fuji apple and several Bartlett pears that do not have savable seeds. It is a birthright for all humans to be able to have seeds and grow their own and it’s totally wrong for people to be able to make money off it, in general.

[UPDATE 6/15/2014

The food industry and farmers have bred most seeds out of food so that regular people could not collect seeds and grow their own from what they buy at the store. This goes the same for organic grapes, where will you find ones with seeds? And I recently had trouble with the seeds of nectarines, and plums, the seeds were shriveled and looked malformed and dead. And watermelons have hardly any seeds and are sold as seedless, you wont find a seeded one even if it’s organic most likely not. So they do this because they want to keep the farms in business, and they want you to not be able to take care of yourself. It’s a great feeling knowing that you can supply yourself with the essentials of life. That goes for water too, while food companies are trying to keep you from growing your own, business tycoons are buying up water, and privatizing it. Water companies and bottled water people have bought lakes and then are draining them, putting them in containers so they can sell them to the people. It would have been everyone’s water, but now it’s in the hands of them, and if you tried to create a lake on your property to catch water, you could get arrested now thanks to Gary Harrington’s case which lost and he went to jail. It’s so dangerous because it set a scary precedent in the USA where the government owns the water that lands on the ground!]

  1. A non organic and organic package that is identical with the only difference being the tiny USDA circle at the bottom. This packaging may save money on design and printing costs, but it is unethical because people who shop fast may end up getting fooled. For instance, I bought (dextrose containing*) non organic Genoa salami thinking it was organic because the package was identical (minus the symbol) and when I brought it home and tasted it, I could taste a difference, and could definitely smell a difference. The non organic smelled like diarrhea! I spit it out. Then I looked at the package and I was like “COME ON!!!” Even worse was the package didn’t have a product UPC on the back that worked, so the cashier asked how much it was and I gave her the price of the organic when I would have only paid half the amount if she knew what it was and didn’t bother asking me! I better make sure that I look carefully every time I buy anything for that little symbol. Still, it’s unethical because most shoppers don’t look, especially if they are accustomed to seeing the same package design week after week. They just grab based on overall color of the package. *By the way dextrose is a corn derivative so non-organic dextrose will be GMO.

UPDATE 5/29/2013

  1. Organic eggs is a scam because they do not specify how much time they spend outside. Animals can still be treated cruelly. And fed GMO diets. It said grain fed anyways and chickens are supposed to eat worms!


[UPDATE 12/21/2013 Shit I should have paid attention to that. I have been wondering again and still bought more. Well now I need only pastured eggs.  the ones i have are organic, cage free, and omega 3. This means they are not fed gmo, antibiotics, but they are kept in coops, and given a lot of flax seed. This does not mean they are allowed to roam around outside and also free range ones which I didn't get, doesn't matter because they don't even go outside.http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/lowcarbsuperfoods/a/cagefreeeggsdef.htm See the farmers don't care about the hens, they figured out the best way to get the buck. it's a business. the only ones who care are pasture eggs, ones that are organic farmers of the old country not using modern means.


http://www.foodrenegade.com/big-o-organic-eggs/ why organic is mostly inhumane. the love of money is the root of all evil, remember 1 timothy 6:10]

UPDATE 6/3/2013

  1. Organic wheat is in jeopardy. South Korea already banned US imports of wheat. And wheat companies I contacted don’t care, because they were like, “thanks for contacting us, your comments are appreciated”. Same form reply “that article is interesting” was all I got from one. A vitamin company told me the former. They don’t care, even though there is legislation brewing that seeks to ban alternative medicine, over the top vitamins etc as proposed by Codex by the WHO.




UPDATE 6/12/2013

  1. Grapes and Strawberries are part of the dirty dozen. Placing them on tables in the middle of the store allowing them to go bad is wrong, and that’s exactly what the stores I usually go to did. They had conventional of them (tons of pesticides) refrigerated, and organic on display going bad. I don’t want to buy what’s on display if it’s spoiled. The strawberries were blackening and rotting purple and many had white spots. And the green grapes were turning yellow brown.

UPDATE 6/25/2013

  1. Recently the store I go to has started putting napkins on the bottom of berry containers. They started that last year. This year they started doing the same with grapes. They probably don’t want the fruit to go bad and leak juice on the container below which makes a mess that they have to clean up. But I still can’t see the condition of the ones below and I always like to inspect all sides and sometimes even have to open to make sure no mold or white fuzz is growing on them. This is of course against their rules, opening packages. Well, tell them not to do that. Also these napkins have a plastic backing with some sort of elastic glue holding them to the plastic container, so they don’t easily degrade like regular paper, which is even worse. These natural food stores and organic berry companies do not care about the environment.

UPDATE 7/7/2013

  1. Every once in a while since Fukushima, I get a grossly mutated strawberry amongst the batch. It is really annoying and unethical for the farmer to put it in the food basket and sell it. There aren’t that many fucked up ones, but he should just throw them out in the trash. They are poison!! See my YouTube for a video of one!

UPDATE 8/25/2013

  1. Really creepy, nanotechnology in organic food? Seriously? You may become a cyborg, watch out.


These demons that run government are so desperate now to destroy nature and God’s creation it’s ridiculous.

UPDATE 9/6/2013

  1. Putting food on the shelf that is bad. I know they do take them down everyday and thrown them out instead of marking down prices for ones going bad but apparently there are just too many that already gone bad, and they don’t get the best out in time. And we think food stores is the best way to deliver food. Actually our world would be a lot better if every family was taught and instructed to grow their own food for their community. But no, it’s not part of the communist manifesto, and the whole world has to be communist under the new world order.

The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

and more in depth


Early in the morning right after Trader Joes opened, I went through box saw none peppers I wanted because they all had something wrong with them, they were packed on September 3. Then I pushed it aside and offered to put the box over there. An employee said she did it already. I looked and saw a few that were rotten that she just put there. I put them over by her saying they are rotten. She said are you giving these to me? And I said they are rotten already. She was also at that time putting oranges down that I removed from the shelf and put on top because they had some that were rotten.

I thought I was doing them a favor apparently I seemed to be an annoyance. The strawberries were packed on August 26. that was almost 2 weeks ago. surprising they aren’t too bad. they are starting to mush up and go bad, so I have to eat all them now.

UPDATE 9/11/2013

  1. “Organically Grown” is not the same as “Organic” and may be better, or may be worse quality. Eden Foods doesn’t have USDA certification because their standards are higher. My guess is other “organically grown” food is less. Without rules to follow it may be up to interpretation, like slack by the companies. It is certainly better than conventional but because we don’t know the farmer, we don’t know where his slack is. So therefore the stores should not be selling “organically grown” at the same price as USDA sealed organic. They should have taken off the price of it. http://www.phoenixpermaculture.org/group/keepingchickens/forum/topics/organic-vs-organically-grown-feed?xg_source=activity


UPDATE 9/16/2013

  1. The ultimate power grab is for the United Nations to control the food supply so they have tainted many products now with poisons on purpose to get us to rile up fear and want for their control!  It is classic, problem, reaction, and solution!


The UN is soon going to take complete control over our food supply for our safety. Just watch. It’s going to happen.

Goes into it a little. I don’t believe in the religious part of it that talks about rapture though. or 7 year tribulation. http://thaevolutionofosiris.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/bible-truths-that-religious-people-dont-believe-in/ See here for how to correct him on Bible prophecy. But he’s correct about his research in food. One correction though I found is Billy quotes Michael Jacobson incorrectly because he is quoted here:

http://americanpolicy.org/2010/06/28/is-salted-popcorn-about-to-become-a-federal-offense/ incorrectly.

http://articles.latimes.com/1995-08-06/magazine/tm-31898_1_chinese-foodg here is where it most likely started, the quote about eating lettuce and bread. I am not sure if Michael Jacobson actually believes that but it’s highly likely.

UPDATE 9/28/2013

  1. http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/nais-comments/magaldi.htm

RFID tracking your food from the farm to the table. Sounds like a good idea, because I hate not knowing if something was actually organic or not or if it was repackaged and was actually older than it was. When was it actually picked? Why does Trader Joe’s always use plastic wrap? Because they can’t really tag it otherwise, unless they went with edible RFID tags! That’s what Nutrismart and Smart plate is about: http://www.naturalnews.com/032600_RFID_food.html  hxxp://phys.org/news/2011-05-nutrismart-rfids-food.html

but these things are discontinued probably since nothing has been said about it since June 2011. I am sure that Michael Jacobson would love that, http://www.alcoholfacts.org/MichaelJacobson.html


Dumb food police. Who says people should or shouldn’t eat certain foods. It’s their choice. Now when it comes to drug abuse, then we can do something, but food is taking it too far. I see Obamacare causing employers to force their employees to eat better so they wouldn’t have so many high insurance costs due to medical visits from diabetes or heart disease or whatever else some old fat guy at the desk is worried about. I wonder about Governor Chris Christie. Who’s going to tell him what to eat?

http://www.foodprintproject.com/ save the environment with this fake global warming problem. People are crying out for solutions. The solutions is RFID track all your meat products and all food products eventually and then obviously RFID track people too. (Revelation 13:16)

Just realized it now, and glad I won’t be giving any more money or bothering with GMOs anymore. Because when we tell our congressman to label our food so we know if there are GMO in it, this is ALL a cry out for the mark of the beast system. A christian would know better. And now I know that naturalnews is nothing more than that guy who wants to rile you up, so that you would demand an answer. All organizations claiming to be helping the food crisis are doing nothing. They are not helping grow organic food and getting you to get organic food on your table or grown your own (know you can’t grow any in your yard because it’s supposed to be a grass lawn!) Nope, they are the ones propagating the fear of the food crisis.


This is part of it and GMO labeling is too

problem: GMO poisoning our food.

reaction: march against Monsanto Prop37 and other grassroots campaigns.

solution: UN or WHO proposes worldwide mandatory RFID tracking of all food.

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

They all got us people. Be warned. You are all going to receive a chip implant so that you can eat the food that you asked to be labeled!

UPDATE 1/9/2014

  1. Inconsistent pricing:

The love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). When kale is in bunches where each one is less than a pound, it is $3.99 each. When it is in bunches where each one is greater than a pound, it is $3.99/lb. Always so the store can make more money…

UPDATE 3/20/2014

  1. Online companies

Some vitamin and food companies don’t ship in protective packaging and probiotics arrives dead and food comes thawed and spoiled. Vitacost ships probiotics in proper cold packages, but LogosNutritionals do not. And VitalChoice seafood ships with enough dry ice to keep salmon from spoiling and thick enough boxes but Wild Alaskan Salmon did not in 2012, not sure if they improved though.

[UPDATE 6/11/2014 Vitacost shipped in cold package but it was hot out and the cold packages was not in a styrofoam box, instead it was just in a cardboard box and it arrived completely warm and thawed. I am never buying again in the warm months. They said a few days outside a refrigerator in shipment is no problem because it's made to withstand small periods of heat. Really? There is no way I can test if the probiotics is alive anyways.]

UPDATE 3/21/2014

I paid 20 dollars shipping for the Swisslandcheese order. They come with 2 ice packs and small 1/4″ bubble-wrap that doesn’t do squat to protect the item when the cardboard on the outside is just a thin cardboard sheet. There is no Styrofoam protection at all and even with temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit 2 days shipment, the ice packs were melted and the cheese was soft and squishy. I would say they were about 50-55 degrees in temperature. Interesting I bought it two months ago, same package, and it was frozen solid when it came because it was zero out. The problem you can see is many companies do not know how to pack their packages of perishable foods!

UPDATE 4/23/2014

  1. Not telling where the country of origin for the product was. Many places tell, many places do not, product specific. If they don’t tell, maybe it’s from China. As in the case of bee pollen at Nuts.com it did not say when I bought it back in July 2013


But now if you look at the site, it will say Country of Origin: China. So now people are warned. It did not say earlier today, I asked and they changed it to warn further people. But I don’t know if that means I don’t get a refund. It’s been 9 months and I am only asking about it now because my spring allergies.


He changed it now to warn future customers. In case you didn’t know for honey and pollen you should only eat local sources because it would help you deal with your allergies which are local plants caused. And of course nothing from China. Above I wrote number 27 about fake honey from China.

I guess if I don’t get a refund it’s only because it didn’t fit store policy. Nothing against them. They made a mistake and I  made a mistake not asking where it came from when I was thinking of ordering it. Companies make mistakes. It’s good nuts.com corrected this mistake. It’s unethical when they do not correct the mistake.

UPDATE 4/24/2014

He said the next day that he changed it a month earlier. I don’t know why I didn’t see it but the page is not archived in 2014 to check up on that. A refund would be offered if I returned it.

UPDATE 6/27/2014

  1. Dropping fruit on the floor and putting them back on the shelf. Usually they would throw them out in that instance, and go around looking for obvious bruised ones to toss away, but other times they just put them out there. The fruit are stacked onto each other at some stores and other stores put in separate container parts and that is better because fruit touching could even start to go bad faster.

UPDATE 6/29/2014

  1. Keeping produce clean: Using heat to apply seran wrap to package, heat could damage the vegetable. Sometimes they have mold on them. Also if the food was not packaged, the person handling them may not be wearing gloves, so their hands could been dirty, who knows if they washed their hands?

UPDATE 7/5/2014

  1. Companies online having selection items preselected to cost more money for you. If you do not see this because you are an old lady, you may overlook the selection made and pay more, or subscribe to something. Sometimes they do the right thing and pick the cheapest version or nothing at all.

UPDATE 7/11/2014

  1. http://www.naturalnews.com/044540_mangosteen_powder_heavy_metals_lead_contamination.html companies not testing imported food products for heavy metals or lying about the tests to put other companies out of business. Heavy metals in the grinding of these powders which are imported make their way into the food at alarming rates, even organic. The Certificate of Analysis has been paid off by satanic elite looking to destroy the organic industry. If I knew when I bought mangosteen powder to ask them beforehand if it was independently tested, I would not have bought. Now I will never eat that stuff again. People should know what they are putting into themselves. I wrote earlier that they sourced bee pollen powder from China. The powders from China, people working at low wage to grind them up I presume. Maybe if it was Japan I could say robots did it instead.

And my ethics are people need to test what they sell if it was even done by them. For instance, I realized that I could be poisoning myself with heavy metals as particles of metals get chipped off an old superangel juicer over the years the grinding pieces come together. I found that most companies don’t really care about health, even if they sell something that is “healthy” but really just want to look the other way. Mike Adams says the same thing and he’s just like me in that he sees these things and can see where it’s going, but the great thing with him is that he actually can test it in his laboratory. I wish though I could make a bigger impact than just see things, and be able to really give back to the world in such a big way.

I don’t know anymore what to think about Mike Adam’s testing, but it did alert me that anyone can be lying so they can sell. Mike Adams has had a history of deceptive practices himself even encouraging others to lie. So did he just test things to put other companies as evil so that he could debut his own product which he said was great but really wasn’t? That’s pure evil bs but I don’t know because of his history of deception:


I really can’t trust anyone about what they say as long as they are making money.  The love of money is the root of all evil. Which is why I wrote a few days ago that I wanted to go from company to company to change how they view their cost analysis from looking to make a profit, to having the best product possible to make the consumer the happiest and healthiest. That would probably put them all out of business, and then they would realize that if all of them needed money to operate, then they wouldn’t just sit around, they would operate without money. This is beyond Adams thinking though because he does not seek to eliminate the money system entirely. I think that people can have some sort of means to exchange but it should certainly not be one currency item. People say this could get into a mess. People say that they should then just use an electronic system and put it in your hand so you don’t lose it. I say no. I say they “could” use some sort of currency item but preferably they would just exchange good s and services with love, freely giving and freely taking because there would be abundance. Children would be homeschooled and raised to be supported to their potential so that people would not be burnt out and lazy and stupid by the time they are working age. I want to open a facility for kids to go to learn whatever they want so they don’t have to go to public school. It would be for parents who want them homeschooled but work all day so they couldn’t watch over them. And the thing is, I do not want to be licensed so it’s not happening because I also do not want to break the law. Licensing is an encroachment of our freedom but I do not want to break the law. Instead of fixing the food problem by requiring people to grow their own food and supplying seeds, they require them to have luxury lawns just for show and punish those who don’t comply to their greed. And then where does money go to handle an impeding global food shortage? Into the police and military’s budget to handle the coming food riots. That’s backwards and I like Mike Adams because he can see that too.

UPDATE 8/20/2014

Mike Adams is doing a test on water filters now:


Healthwyze said oil swishing does not work because it comes from India and urine and sun gazing does not work either, and MMS too, also saying it’s bleach just like that boy did who won the James Randi prize…that’s like a troll who has done no research but I could just as easily say that copper colloidal lotion does not work either.


I keep getting people trying to defend their Miracle II Soap too based on the great review I gave on Amazon.

UPDATE 8/25/2014

  1. Companies promising recall refunds and not delivering, hoping that people would just forget about it and move on. I was told 6 to 8 weeks and something would be shipped to my address. A check for the price? But different stores sell at different prices. Would a replacement be shipped, is that why it would take so long? Still, I think if they can’t seem to make sure their workers do not use proper sanitary procedures when jarring the peanut butter, why would they be able to keep track of every single person who called in? The recall number was broken and I got through to the customer service line. I am going to wait and see if it happens. I know it didn’t cost that much, but companies should honor their word. http://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls/ucm410533.htm. Here is the recall information.

UPDATE 8/29/2014

  1. Vitamin and supplement companies labeling their product as natural. Then they put unnatural things like GMO cotton balls to keep it from getting wet. Most cotton is GMO. There’s no way to tell unless they said stuffed with organic cotton which they didn’t. http://www.realfoodgirlunmodified.com/what-is-gmo-3/gmo-free-living/

UPDATE 10/16/2014


The scam of unscented tissues. Unscented means that no fragrance was added to it. It does not mean that they did not spray anything or add chemicals to it. Most likely they add anti-bacterial or anti-viral stuff which has triclosan. I should have known better because I do not use antibacterial lotion. After I go to the bathroom I wash my hands with hydrogen peroxide, which was in an eyedropper bottle. I have good smell and I smelled it on Kleenex and Scotties and my parents stopped buying them. And now the regular store brand name Foodhold USA, LLC is doing the same thing to their tissues. I am switching to regular paper towels which have no scent and are used for kitchen cleaning but can just as much be used for your nose.

UPDATE 10/18/2014


Due to high demand, more avocados are being sold, but many come from immature trees. Selling avocados same price as mature ones based on size. The immature ones should be cheaper because they have strings in them which are annoying for people to have to move around. And when they are overripe the strings turn brown and are extremely gross looking. The issue is explained further at this link.


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Free organic red yellow and orange bell pepper seeds

American Food Growers:

I have been collecting organic red and yellow bell pepper seeds from Holland and the United States. The peppers were bought from Trader Joe’s and King’s Supermarket summer of 2012. I took the pepper seeds out and dried them, and then packaged them in envelopes. If anyone would like me to send them seeds, you will get a couple hundred seeds or so, to add to your own garden, farm, and help out your community. I can’t grow them where I live because my climate is not good, and it would cost me too much to start planting. Please only people who are serious about growing their own food, we need to take food back from agri-business and I see this is how it will be done with individuals sharing seeds they got from their own garden or the stores.

These seeds are completely free, just send me an email or post a comment with your contact information and then you can give me your address in private and I will ship them no charge to you USPS.

Also, in order to make sure that these seeds get to someone who does not work for Monsanto who is just looking to buy up organic seeds online so they can destroy them, I need you to make at least a 5 minute video showing you have already began to grow your own food, and outlining your plans for growing these pepper seeds. Please show the materials that are needed to grow bell pepper seeds as well.


UPDATE: found a way to post to an online resource for people selling seeds


but they require you to pay a fee to post your listing, what a greedy little business they are. Bureacracy gets in the way of real loving people who want to share, that’s what I’m saying, and I wouldn’t care if Monsanto sues the crap out of all those people who are looking to make money off of seed shortages. Please Americans, do what I am doing and bypass the money system, by saving seeds you buy from organic food.

UPDATE 5/6/2013

I have also free organic apple seeds. I have some organic lemon seeds, some organic Bartlett, D’Anjou, or Bosc pear seeds (Argentina or Washington state), and some fuji and gala seeds from apples from Washington state and from Chile.

UPDATE 6/6/2013

I now have some Orange bell pepper seeds. From Trader Joe’s Tricolor-ed organic peppers.

UPDATE 6/9/2013

Also I have organic apricot pits, with seeds inside them that should be still good. More about the seeds which allegedly are a cancer cure, note I am not prescribing or medicating anything, just spreading some knowledge around the internet.


If the FDA says it’s harmful, most likely it’s good for you. “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA” actually ORGANIC is better for you. So ORGANIC can be considered medicine, but again, I am not giving you medicine, only ability to grow and eat organically if you can’t find these in your local grocery markets.

UPDATE 9/24/2013

Check out my other video, it’s proof that the apple seeds can germinate.

Also here is proof of the pepper seeds working too from a guy I sent some to.

UPDATE 10/7/2014
I also have some organic canteloupe, organic honeydew, a few seedless watermelon seeds (not organic), and organic peaches and nectarine seeds. I would ship to the 48 states only, otherwise it would cost too much to ship and you would have to pay whatever it would cost.

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Keeping tabs on chemtrails in New Jersey

I got kicked off the group for chemtrailtrackingusa because I didn’t trim my posts? Wow, they certainly don’t want the truth, because I did no such thing.

from now on I will post to my blog about the chemtrails.

Ok whatever. I will post updates regularly as they happen here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chemtrails must have begun around 6:30 or 7:00 AM and were sticking in the sky. We had frost today. They kept spraying into late morning. Then they stopped. It cleared out. Jonnydontplay stupidly told us that Hurricane Sandy was due to the lack of chemtrails. What? Chemtrails have been going on… and Sandy was an engineered storm.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chemtrails began probably around sunrise, and continued through the afternoon.

source: http://www.chemtrailforecast.com/main.html

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chemtrails spraying today, not as bad as Saturday though because my chembuster was cutting the trail at our house.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

another heavy day of chemtrail spraying today, and HAARP is being used, as the color indicates it is lit up over new jersey, not blasting it, but it’s enough to get the chemtrails to stick.

source: http://www.haarpstatus.com/status.html

Friday, November 16, 2012

chemtrails began this afternoon

how are chemtrails sticking today when HAARP is not being used? Moisture. They mix with the clouds that are already up in the sky.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not a day goes by that I don’t see at least one chemtrail plane in the sky. Today I saw a plane and it was just a tail. It doesn’t make sense to believe that they only spray when there is moisture in the air. Because the jet had its chemical sprayer on. They always will be having it on when flying, and that’s because they are always trying to lay chemtrails. But in my area, it wont stick because the higher vibrational energy in the air due to my buster. HAARP wasn’t used, so it can’t stick if HAARP is not used or if there is no moisture. Maybe it’s sticking 20 miles away where my buster is not reaching.

Why would they waste spray if they knew there was a buster? Well they don’t know and if they did, maybe they were just moving to their desired spray location for today and too lazy to turn the chemicals on and off. Ok so around 3:30 pm I saw a chemtrail in the sky and it took a few minutes and then it had disappeared.
Sunday, November 18, 2012

There were heavy spraying chemtrails all afternoon as far as I could tell. But then they stopped at sunset time. Why? Because their goal was to block the sun’s rays. I was able to look at the sun for a few minutes as it set over the other buildings. My chembuster was working to eliminate the chemtrails. I saw two planes at the same time flying in same direction towards the sun.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

they weren’t using HAARP today but for some reason chemtrails…like i said it’s been every other day.

Friday, November 23, 2012

chemtrails being laid, started at 8 or 9 am and then it continued through the afternoon. They didn’t white out the sky.

Monday, November 26, 2012

chemtrails being laid, started at 8 or 9 am and then it continued through the afternoon. They didn’t white out the sky.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Chemcloud and as it cleared up around 2:30 and the sun came out i could see the heavy spraying going on right above it.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chemcloud and as it cleared up right over our house (thanks to my chembuster orgonite) they raced in to fill up the blue hole with chemtrails.

Monday, December 3, 2012

mostly chemtails today, but some trails. trails broke up quickly right over our house.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At 1 PM its clearing up and they are using HAARP (see radio wave rings) and chemtrails to fill in the blue hole.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

chemcloud and chemtrails today, sun is coming out through it. i bet stupid idiots at the weather channel think these clouds are normal…dumbasses

Saturday, December 15, 2012

blue sky being filled up with nonstop chemtrails, saw the chemtrails dissipate quite quickly though.

Sorry I may have missed some days of spraying.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Today it started early morning and continued throughout the day until the whole sky was whited out.

I have video proof of chemtrails, on my channel


Monday, December 31, 2012

chemclouds and chemtrails today the weather forecast clouds those idiots at the weather channel have no idea what chemtrails are.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

chemclouds and chemtrails today the weather forecast clouds those idiots at the weather channel have no idea what chemtrails are.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

chemclouds and chemtrails today the weather forecast clouds those idiots at the weather channel have no idea what chemtrails are. The sun shine through the haze.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

chemtrails sprayed following sun as it was going down, started around 3 pm or so.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

all day chemtrails and haze

Thursday, January 10, 2013

chemtrails and haze, but sun was still shining through.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

clear day, but the chemtrails were being laid to try to obstruct the sun

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

cleaned chembuster base and crystals, and put it outside again last night. Chemtrail planes not able lay chemtrails this morning.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1 PM chembuster is breaking up chemtrails. I can see the chemtrails being laid but in the distance. They cant do it right over house. there are broken trails if they do that. clear skies otherwise.

4 PM haze and clouds come in, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

some chemtrails in the morning amongst clear blue sky, and maybe in afternoon too, but I don’t know because the clouds rolled in.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chemtrails began around 9 or 10 am. 5 planes at once. spread out quickly…i put chembuster back out. it was inside since Wednesday night when storm hit. haze in the afternoon! I have a video of this spraying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV0SJc4RJ8k and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WfRzYYrr_o and also I have satellite images, it’s very rare that the satellite catches it at just the right time.

Go here for that:

http://pietasforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/february-2-2013-big-spraying.jpg All the people who say chemtrails stopped, fuck you, you are shills, and there I have the proof to prove you wrong. Contrails do not linger like this, if that’s what you think they are. The chemtrails are being sprayed still over high populated areas.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

chemtrail block just sun around 3 pm

Monday, February 4, 2013

rays of chemtrails trying to block out sun again. chembuster broke holes in many.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

some chemtrails in the sky floating around, and i saw a few being sprayed but they didn’t stick.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I don’t think we had 3 weeks of chemtrail free skies. I must have missed them when they sprayed. But today I saw them spray around 3 or 4 pm and it hazed out the sun as it was going down.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

saw a chemtail around 6 pm going from north to south. it always goes north to south and the trail always starts within view meaning the landing strip must not be too far to north of where I live.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

as i predicted today would be a heavy day of chemtrails, as they began trying to spray yesterday evening, before it got dark, picked it up this afternoon nonstop until around sunset the sky was filled with haze. It was clear earlier and my buster took out chemtrails cut them right in half but the HAARP was used to make them stick.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weather channel is a shill because they have a tv show called Hacking the planet, which is about science changing mother nature. Basically pro-geoengineering crap. And they say it’s clear and sunny right now, no it’s not. It’s been white chemtrail haze all day.

Friday, March 15, 2013

chemtrail haze all day, this morning started with some chemtrails being sprayed before 9 am. the chembuster didn’t do anything, I guess it needs a cleaning again.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

as it cleared out I saw a chemtrail. Then it disappeared right away when I put the chembuster outside.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

my chembuster was taken without my awareness and then I found out it was missing after 8 PM. I found out that the management of our condominium complex took it and put it in their garage, harassment to get us to comply to keeping it inside our house I guess. More on that on my end drought blog post.

There was one or two shrivels of distant chemtrails spreading across the sky.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

today was really clear and good sun, and then I saw a few chemtrail fragments floating west to east at 6:30 PM and then 2 planes at the same time, literally on top of each other spraying right over our house going south. I tried to video it, but they were gone, no trails, so the energy is still good in the sky to prevent chemtrails from being laid over here, the ones i saw floating were from somewhere else.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

chemtrails began I don’t know when. It was clearing up in the sky and I saw them after 3pm, so i took my chembuster (not damaged and retrieved by me today) and leaned it against the big window at a 45 degree angle. Don Croft said doing that should work.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I saw a chemtrail plane when it finally cleared out at 7 pm. It was cloudy all day with some breaks for sun. That sucked. But the plane didn’t make any chemtrail because of my buster was pointed at the sky. Last time I saw that, I saw some chemtrails floating by that were laid many miles away. Not now.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chemtrail spraying began after 10 pm. It whited out the sky by 2 pm at least. I put my chembuster against the window after that. It didn’t do anything because it takes time to acclimate the atmosphere. it wasn’t against the window at night because I always close shades at night. They didn’t do it all week, not sure why, but today they may have done it because they want to fuck with the forecast which says rain tonight.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

chemtrail planes at 5 pm, I saw four trails in ten minutes, meaning it’s 4 planes! The trail I suspect is disappearing quickly. Not whiting out the sky. Hopefully won’t later. I just put my chembuster back. Since I stayed up all night i should have just left it there since yesterday. Those disappeared. But a bunch of gunk sprayed out west is floating across the sky blocking some UV rays from the sun. So much evil in the world. We know that UV rays is good for plants, solar power, and killing microbes in water.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

the chemtrails were all day. I guess it hazed out the sky. Not sure because I didn’t check in the evening.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I guess they don’t usually spray in the winter. All on assault in early spring, chembuster or not. It began between 2:30 and 3pm but it was really bad at 3:30 pm. It’s hot and there are 4 planes doing it. 4 chemtrails N-S. A cleaned chembuster leaning in my room, no tape on the top of pipes anymore, and it got rid of some chemtrails as they went over our house they disappeared by 6:15pm, it was up only for 40 minutes.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

chemtrails from 6:30 am until later that day. not sure if they did the afternoon because i didnt see any then. I just saw clouds.it was a thunderstorm in the evening.

Monday, April 15, 2013

some chemtrails trying to block out sun, but they were disappearing fast. Early afternoon to around 3pm.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

saw a chemtrail plane but luckily it didn’t leave a trail behind it as it was trying to block out the sun around 6:30 pm.

Wednesday April 17, 2013

more chemtrail planes, like one I saw every 10 minutes, maybe same one. I saw it at the Frelinghuysen arboretum. Luckily the trail didn’t stick 3pm. Started to stick a little better by 5 pm. But it disappeared in a minute. Again someone said that there is not enough moisture in atmosphere. Not true. They know moisture content and won’t spray if they know it wont stick. It’s my chembuster working miles away.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chemtrails began early morning, maybe around sunrise, because it was already hazed out completely by 8 am. chemtrails dissapeared and the rest of the day was clear blue skies.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

some chemtrails in the morning and past noon. they didn’t fill up the sky.

Monday, April 22, 2013

chemtrails began in the morning around sunrise. the chembuster blocked them in the south sky, the north sky was littered with them. see my youtube channel for videos.

Friday, April 26, 2013

@ 4 pm chemtrails began, the chembuster easily broke them up over our house from 2-3 planes. But there is big chemtrail haze laid elsewhere moving from the southwest and will eventually cover the sky.

chemtrailforecast letdown

chemtrailforecast it moved to new jersey

chemtrailforecast but then it leftwatch I was right. The blob of chemtrail haze is moving up towards New Jersey from the southwest. I labeled the picture as a letdown because the website only allows a few maps a day, and only on weekdays. During the other times, you must now pay for it. Tonight it says there won’t be haze anymore, so maybe my chembuster helped with that. Hard to believe my chembuster stopped an entire cloud 1000 miles wide, so maybe there are many chembusters in the NY area.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 chemtrail planes sprayed very heavy this morning around 8:30 am but the afternoon they left this area, and the chembuster had time to finally clear it out. I slept all day and woke up at 5 pm and it was clear blue skies by that time.

Today my blog was viewed by a very big energy company who’s stocks are going up, they are possibly involved in chemtrails spraying, because their office near CCNY’s central location on lance modis is apparently interested in chemtrails in this area and i can see how energy companies are related to chemtrails because chemtrails supposed cover is to combat global warming under geoengineering and energy companies want the whole world to be connected under one big smart grid so they can monitor everyone’s power consumption, see it’s all related….I’m not a fool who doesn’t see how everything in society is related to everything else. Anyone who says it’s not all related or that people who think it is are conspiracy nuts are brain-dead fucktards incapable of thinking creatively, critically, and able to see the big picture because they didn’t pay attention in school, didn’t ask questions of their teachers, and didn’t do well on research papers and open ended essays like I did.

Here is their website. If they want more information they can pingback this. Go ahead, this is a huge list of all geoengineering you guys have been doing since November 2012. And it will keep going until I die, or until you guys quit this crap, whichever comes first. I certainly hope it doesn’t last 50 more years!


very big energy company with possible ties to chemtrails views blog

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 chemtrail planes sprayed as soon as the clouds cleared out around 11:45 am. As soon as they stopped it would be cleared out blue skies around 2 pm. I saw some sylphs in the afternoon. I saw a chemtrail plane at 5:15 pm off in the western sky going from south to north. it didn’t make any trail.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There really isn’t a clear day that goes by that they don’t attempt to spray. But if they weren’t using their cell phone towers to give static in the atmosphere and DOR for it to stick to, this is what happens:


Water vapor has nothing to do with it sticking. I doubt they’d send their planes out and waste fuel if the weather conditions didn’t permit. They spray everyday or at least attempt to EVERY day. But they don’t use their cell phone towers everyday. That is good news for us, we can open our windows and go outside for walks.

The picture is of the south sky, taken on the first floor, the chembuster is leaning against the window on the second floor.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

2 planes spray chemtrails back and forth over our skies at 4- 6 pm. The south sky remained clear blue as they faded away, and did not block out the sun with disgusting haze like Los Angeles thanks to my chembuster.

Friday, May 3, 2013

glad my chembuster was working today, they had one or two planes from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm trying to lay chemtrails but the tails were all that shown, just like the picture above.

Monday, May 6, 2013

chemtrails started blocking out sun around 5:00- 6:00 PM

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

chemtrails sprayed early morning until noon, and then the sky had a little bit of haze. I video taped a plane and dopplar cloud at 11:45 AM.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

after it rained in the morning after 2 pm they rushed in to spray chemtrails on top of the clouds trying to cover up any holes where we’d see blue sky peek through, dumb bastards. Curse them to hell.

Friday, May 10, 2013

they sprayed chemtrails this morning before 8:30 am. By then there were pieces of chemtrails littered all over the sky. They disappeared mid morning and it got cloudy. They sprayed again under clouds as it was getting sunny in the afternoon. The chembuster had some trouble getting rid of them. Probably the clouds aided the chemtrails from dissipating. Sky was hazy. The air outside didn’t feel very Dorish. Felt a breeze, chemtrails were mostly just floating across the sky.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

So at 8:20 am, I checked outside and saw spread out chemtrails? I looked online and it possibly is. But they are moving quite fast, fast enough to see the movement. Usually you don’t see clouds moving but these things are moving fast south to north.

So I cant say they are chemtrails because when I say that, I am saying I see distinct lines in the sky and even catching planes in the act of spraying. There is so much disinformation online it’s ridiculous. You know you can come here to my blog and there is no disinfo here. I only present the facts.

Monday, May 13, 2013

chemtrails were sprayed before 6 am (sunrise) they disappeared by afternoon. No more spraying later in the day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chemtrails this morning through noon, then it was clear. I cleaned chembuster this afternoon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

chemtrails before 7:30 AM very bad haze. Later in the afternoon it cleared up and there were even sylphs in the sky. At 7 PM I saw pieces of distant chemtrails floating across the sky and I saw them trying to spray but failing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

saw chemtrails after 5 pm. my guess is they saw it was clearing up and rushed in to try to cover the sky with chemtrails. Whether it was chemtrail haze before or not, I saw a bird soaring a couple hundred feet in front of my chembuster.

Monday, May 27, 2013, Memorial Day

chemtrails sprayed, 2 planes after 5 PM until 6 or 7 PM.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

if they start spraying in the evening and then stop they will pick up in the early morning. They must have started around sunrise 5:30 am and by 7 am the whole sky was whited out.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

after it cleared up they were spraying chemtrails. sky is hazy blue from chemtrail fragments this morning. They also sprayed in the afternoon nonstop. The chemtrails get stuck inside haze that was left from this morning and also rain humid because it rained yesterday.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

chemtrails began sometime mid afternoon I suppose, wasn’t paying attention. And then by 6PM it was complete whiteout mess.

That damn site chemtrailforecast by the weather space is no longer free so I can’t view anything on there anymore. They totally are doing us a disservice, I used to use that everyday. In order to stop chemtrails we need 24/7 coverage and it must be free for everyone to see and link to.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

chemtrails began after 6pm maybe closer to 7pm I noticed the HAARP rings going towards the sun from the west at 5:30 pm. then at 7:10 I saw a plane flying east to west. That’s the first time this year that they flew that direction, usually they fly north to south. Maybe they realize they can get it laid easier this way, because half would be chopped off if they flew it directly over the house. It was more like not right over house.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chemtrails began sometime after 6 am and ended around 1 pm. Then it was clear blue skies. I am glad that it didn’t cause haze like I thought it would.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

we are supposed to get clipped by the first tropical storm tomorrow and Saturday. And they are spraying chemtrails above the low clouds outside…not sure if they are trying to stop the rain or make it rain heavier.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

chemtrails began around 6 or 7 pm in north sky, and was broken up, none could form in south sky.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

chemtrails began around 5:30 PM but didn’t stick.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Like I predicted, if they start spraying but don’t finish the evening, they start the morning after. They started after 6 am and stopped around 1 or 2 pm. At which point the sky was completely hazed out. Then it gradually cleared out sort of as the day went on.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I didn’t see any planes because I wasn’t watching but around 7PM it is obvious they were spraying chemtrails as the sky was littered with that crap.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

chemtrails from early morning until 11 AM at least, then it got cloudy. They may be continuing to spray on top of clouds. When I went food shopping I saw one thick white chemtrail and as it got to about tree level it turned black and then seemed to touch the horizon.

Thursday, June 20, 2013
saw some chemtrails spraying after 5PM I bet there will be chemtrails tomorrow morning.

Friday, June 21, 2013
Saw a chemtrail plane earlier around 1 PM, laid a trail that took some time to dissipate, mostly just floated across sky. Not many planes and the sky is still mostly clear. Around sunset I went outside and picked wild berries and saw lot of chemtrail spread out across North sky. Must have been there for hours. I counted at least 5 different trails.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

chemtrails all day muck, haze. I need to clean chembuster again. You can see the onslaught of today’s chemtrails on the satellite images post.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

chemtrails all day, muck haze. still need to clean chembuster. A dirty chembuster will attract more chemtrail death dumps. Make sure you clean them if there seems to be a lot more spraying.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I slept all day, but I could see chemtrail fragments in the sky when I woke up around 8 PM. So they were spraying and then the chembuster was breaking them up probably but not as fast as they were spraying.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Today was the worst chemtrail day in a very long time, cleaning the base of the chembuster isn’t enough. Crystals need cleaning too. The air in the atmosphere was extra stagnant from HAARP towers. So there is tons of chemtrail residue garbage in the sky.

Friday, June 28, 2013

I saw one chemtrail above the clouds before it was supposed to rain. The storm though was scattered and missed us. Need to clean chembuster again a second time, still haven’t cleaned the crystals because they were stuck.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chemtrails began at sunrise against background clouds, at least two planes were used. They sort of looked like they broke up over house via chembuster.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

chemtrails in morning.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chemtrails were laid into the clouds messing them up. The rain was then pushed off the coast and prevented from raining on land via HAARP weapons. So they directed Sandy to hit New Jersey on purpose to get people to be out of power and accept a smart meter and now they don’t want it to rain because they want to kill all the plants. Sick fucks, stopping chemtrails isn’t enough, you also have to stop the HAARP weapons and nobody talks about it. All they talk about is GMOs which is half the picture of weather warfare (drought and aluminum resistant crops and droughts caused and aluminum dropped to cause regular crops to die), and they talk about NSA spying, which is not even remotely as important because our planet is in jeopardy with this weather warfare, all species are in danger not just humans potentially in danger from the spying.

Friday, July 12, 2013

chemtrails in morning

Sunday, July 14, 2013

chemtrails several planes in the morning, they move faster than the chembuster can dismantle them, though some parts of the chemtrails were dismantled. This could only be possible if HAARP was also used, which it was, and I have a photo of HAARP being used on Friday morning.
HAARP cloud 7-12-2013 at 6AM
This picture is North and those HAARP lines (ripples) are where the chemtrails are usually laid to begin with. Is this where they always did it or are they compensating by heavily attacking directly over our house because of my chembuster? You know I don’t want to be naive and think that they aren’t watching and don’t know because you know they sent their guy who’s working for the management of our condo complex to trample over my chembuster as it was being poured and he zoomed in his white truck very fast into this parking lot that day. I know that all the people who run any sort of government are a part of that satanic cult. The guy was delivering notices saying our decks were to be painted, but he could have given the notice an hour later, but he came fast like someone gave him a call, get there right then right away so he could walk over it, and probably dehance it’s power. All those people are witches anyways.

UPDATE 7/21/2013

Haarp.alaska.edu is down. We’ll see if that really means it shut down, but I doubt it. I won’t believe it until our weather clears up and starts acting normal again.

there were chemtrails on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 but I didn’t write it down because I forgot.

Monday, July 22, 2013

chemtrails early around 7:30 am

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

chemtrails around sunrise today, and by 6:15 am the whole sky was full of the crap, including a chembow, (rainbow effect off the particles) I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t think it would come out, so look it up online.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

all day chemtrails ending with clouds. tomorrow is supposed to rain. if it doesn’t I will clean my chembuster again.

Monday, August 5, 2013

chemtrails began around 5pm I think.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

chemtrails began early in the morning.

Friday, August 16, 2013

chemtrails began in early morning and kept going all day, but luckily didn’t white out the sky, they just floated away.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chemtrails began at sunrise again today. And they continued into the afternoon. It was whiteout in the evening time.

Friday, August 23, 2013

chemtrails began at sunrise today.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

breaking the “every 5 days” spraying, they tried spraying yesterday around 5:30 PM but nothing came out. This morning they picked it up at 6:30AM and made a complete mess of the sky by 7:15AM already.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today they were spraying all day and the gunk was sticking and whiting out the sky, but I cleaned my chembuster base in the tub around 2:15PM and after that none of the chemtrails stick anymore. Looked more like May 1 picture for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

crisscrossing patterns of chemtrails as early as 7AM already. It cleared out by later afternoon.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chemtrails began in the morning I suppose 2 or 3 planes were used. I saw them go South and then turn around then start up again going South from the North. The sky is like a globe, and it looks like they are going straight up but they are really going across the sky, right over our house. I don’t know if their plan was right above the house before I put up the chembuster though.

Monday, September 9, 2013

chemtrailing began early this morning around sunrise probably. North to south, 2 or 3 planes. They are certainly making up for the lack of chemtrails this summer. So of course anyone saying that they are losing money or their projects are nearing an end are all full of crap. Satan will destroy this world. Then God creates a new world. Read the Book of Revelation.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
chemtrails began midday i presume and whited out the sky for a time but then it was clear around 5 PM

Sunday, September 15, 2013

chemtrails all day probably.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

chemtrails started midday and filled into clouds, it rained still half an inch so I wonder if chemtrails residue went into the ground.

Wednesday, September 24, 2013

chemtrails midday through evening whiteout.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Chemtrails in morning, several planes, see videos on YouTube.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

chemtrails began in evening. but stopped at sunset. I saw them slivers by the sun as it was going down behind buildings.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

worst chemtrail day all year it seemed. It was very heavy all day. See videos on YouTube. And picture below. It just stuck in the sky and made whiteout. It is also unseasonably warm today. I cleaned chembuster crystals. I counted 5 streaks out the south window. This is the north window there are 3 in the picture and one on the side, and the other was maybe on the other side.


Friday, October 4, 2013

I noticed similar chemtrails as the picture above, quite spread out the streak again around 5:30PM

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

looks pretty much like last Thursday the picture, big chemtrails spread out across the sky starting early morning. I hope I can catch it on satellite too. White out by 2:30 PM.

Monday, October 14, 2013

chemtrails in morning and in evening. Mostly clear otherwise. They were broken streaks.

Monday, October 28, 2013

chemtrails in morning sky, several.

Monday, November 4, 2013

chemtrails all day, but they split apart quickly.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

chemtrails all day the sky didn’t completely white out.

Monday, November 11, 2013

chemtrails today I saw around 11 AM because it may rain/snow later so they were trying to either stop it, or prolong it, or make poisons fall on us. They always spray into rain clouds. I don’t know what’s wrong with my chembuster though. Maybe God doesn’t want me to depend on it to work at all so made it stop working.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

chemtrails all day, it didn’t white out though. See the heavy spraying on my YouTube channel.

Friday, November 15, 2013

chemtrails all day, it did white out, or mix in clouds.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

it was clear all day but they tried to spray, I saw 2 planes there could be 3 though. They made little trails and most of it didn’t stick.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chemtrails in morning, 3 planes at once. See videos on my channel. They disappeared in a while. Sky wasn’t whited out. They sprayed at 9 am and again at 2 pm, so i guess it took a while to turn around and come back to respray the same region. It’s laughable how people never look up at the sky and realize they are being poisoned. In a few years there is going to be massive intake of illness, that is why Obamacare was rushed through Congress. The government knows of these plans, and also the smart grid rushed through too because it causes cancer on top of spying on you, because they knew both would cause more illness, and that means higher insurance costs, and that means more money so they can pay off their debt to the Zionist International Bankers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

today it was seemingly whited out. I am not positive because I was asleep most of the day. They may have been spraying chemtrails.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

chemtrails whited out the sky by noon. It seems like at least 5 planes were used. There are 5 or 6 separate streaks going N/S. I didn’t video it though because the white out makes it hard to see so it may not even show up.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

chemtrails all day ruining clear sky and then inside clouds. See satellite images post.

Monday, December 16, 2013

chemtrails i saw one piece of one in the north sky at 9 am

Friday, December 20, 2013

chemtrail whiteout, clouds and they were spraying through the clouds. Icky, after days of freezing cold temperatures, it will be mild for a few days.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

chemtrail big this morning, but later afternoon it stopped and cleared out.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

chemtrails today. they do not take off for the holiday. I do not celebrate it, and neither do these satanic bastards of course, their bloody sacrifices take place at night. So they are free to pollute during the day. Maybe it is just regular people spraying without realizing what they are doing, thinking they fight global warming. Some places are open today. South facing window:


Monday, December 30, 2013

they were spraying chemtrails today, not sure when they started but I saw them as the clouds cleared up at 5pm

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

chemtrails began in early morning around sunrise

Saturday, January 4, 2014

chemtrails today. the sky was not whited out though.

Monday, January 13, 2014

chemtrails midday was messing up the clear blue sky

Friday, January 17, 2014

chemtrails mid afternoon like crazy and it did white out the southern sky blocking out the sun. One of the goals like I said is to reduce effectiveness of solar panels. So why even bother spend billions on them as Chris Christie wants to do? He doesn’t even know there are chemtrails, or if he does, he’s keeping shut about them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

chemtrails began midday into evening mixing into clouds

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

chemtrails began just as it started to clear out in morning, ruining the sky.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

chemtrails all day

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

chemtrails all day, they didn’t white out the sky though they tried. I saw them spray EW and NS

Thursday, February 6, 2014

chemtrails in morning

Saturday, February 8, 2014

chemtrails in morning then clouds. Maybe they chemtrailed through clouds, I don’t know. It’s supposed to snow again.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

it was clear in morning but then they started spraying like crazy. it snowed an inch after sunset.

Monday, February 10, 2014

it was clear but then they started spraying before noon. I wonder if all this spraying is to cause poisonous snow to fall.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

was clear this morning. chemtrails like 5-8 planes! at first it didn’t stick much but then they managed to white out the sky!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

They started spraying chemtrails in morning and it whited out the sky by 10 AM already.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chemtrails began pretty heavy around 6:45 AM

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

chemtrails all day they were spraying.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

chemtrails all day, they did not make it cloudy, sun was out all day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

chemtrails all day, at least 3 planes. but they did not succeed whiting out the sky. Today was in the 60s.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

chemtrails all morning until it got cloudy. then maybe they sprayed through the clouds but I could not tell.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

around 6 or 7 am chemtrails began really hard whiting out the sky. And around 4 pm it cleared out and wouldn’t stick anymore. And they still sprayed though. Trying to block out the sun I saw some pieces directly angled at sun. They block out sun to kill plants, make people depressed, ruin solar panel gain, and make it cooler.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chemtrails all day, but the sky wasn’t whited out.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chemtrails all day and whited out sky in late afternoon over the sun.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chemtrails with 4 planes started after 5 PM. 4 planes at a time spraying the sky trying to white it out and block out the evening sun. It was depressing to see that of course how people could be so foolish as to not question it when 4 planes zig zag back and forth over the same sky and leaving trails when regular jets never leave a thing.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

All day long 2 or 3 planes zig zag chemtrails but luckily the sky did not get white out. They just drifted.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 planes sprayed chemtrails at once from north to south around 8 AM.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chemtrail streaks all day, but no whiteout

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chemtrails started very low and thick, I wonder if they started spraying low on purpose in early morning because no one would catch it as they were asleep. I felt sick but maybe it was refined bread I ate and pollen. Many planes and whiteout very early ahead of clouds. I remembered just now that Jonnydontplay stupidly told us that Hurricane Sandy was due to the lack of chemtrails. What? Chemtrails have been going on… and Sandy was an engineered storm.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Right before it was going to rain, they always spray the sky so that the poisons fall to the ground! They sprayed crisscrossing patterns starting already at 6 AM.

Monday, April 28, 2014

They were spraying chemtrails all day long and they were spreading out a little bit before floating across the sky, but it didn’t completely white out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It cleared out in afternoon and then they started to try to fill it up with chemtrails again! Those damn bastards I hope they go straight to hell. Wouldn’t it be nice if a solar flare hit at 10,000 feet but stopped there because of sylphs and the solar flare scrambled their computers and they crashed into the ocean?

Monday, May 5, 2014

chemtrails all day and before 4PM though they would disappear but afterwards started to stick.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chemtrails began in early morning around sunrise. They used many planes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chemtrails began around 3:30PM and started to fill in the sky ruining clear blue sky.

Monday, May 26, 2014

they were spraying in morning I don’t think it filled up sky.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

They were spraying in morning between cumulus clouds.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

started spraying around 10 AM or 11 AM it whited out somewhat by afternoon.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

early morning very heavy spraying and it started to clear out by 9 AM. But they kept spraying but it wouldn’t fill up the sky anymore.


Document below is an actual powerpoint presentation by dennis m bushnell and metabunk did not debunk it, they just said that it is an old document. That is true, it’s from 2001. Which means it’s a lot scarier. Nothing new? Why is there even people that think these things? The level of sadistic being used in wartimes, by governments. What metabunk doesn’t realize is the US government DOES experiment on it’s own people. Remember the Nevada testing ground? Everyone living over there for decades were exposed to radiation. Genetically Modified Organisms and sprays over towns of toxic chemicals and dust that got everyone in the town sick. http://www.alternet.org/investigations/sick-government-sprayed-radioactive-chemicals-poor-people-science-experiment-study

So these are the leaked stories everyone knows about. There are other things like targeted individuals as well. Many stories not leaked yet, but innocent people being experimented upon, just look up youtube user named: marshall gregory Thomas. He’s got a load of information about Mkultra and microwave weapons used on unsuspecting people.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

All day long it was sticking but at least not whiting out the sky.

Later in the evening it was sticking a lot more, and I looked and saw one boeing at 8:05 PM spray from north to south-southwest. There are people who think that this may be some regular flight path that carries passengers, but about a year ago I watched a video that proved that it wasn’t, by someone showing the flight paths that are registered by the FAA and proving that these are unregistered aircraft, and with binoculars you could see the shape of the plane like a boeing and the white stuff coming out of it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

chemtrails began in early morning. I took two pictures around 7:20 or 7:25AM. The north window shows many chemtrails. This was the bottom floor of the house. The south window shows nothing, taken 2 minutes later. I guess the chembuster got rid of them. Not like Russ Tanner says where a trail just turns into invisible, it was cut off right there at our house, those huge monstrous looking pieces just ended there. So I guess it was the chembuster working!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

chemtrails all day and some of it sticked but it didn’t screw up the sky.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Chemtarils sprayed all day and sticked. But then they were blown apart into pieces by the wind and cirrus clouds. They floated across the sky and did not make it whiteout.

broken chemrals where they cross

Monday, June 23, 2014

It was mostly cloudy today but I saw some chemtrails in the clouds. They sprayed heavy over the Great Lakes I could see those clouds may be coming our way and dumping toxic rain,

http://naturalsociety.com/neurologist-warns-exploding-cognitive-disorders-chemtrail-toxins/ a neurologist examines chemtrail issue and states that will see a rise with degenerative disorders. Yup you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? They are going to kill the majority of humans, and there is no stopping them, then the whole world will be unfit for life once the spraying reaches its tipping point of no return, which it still hasn’t reached because we still see plants growing and birds flying around.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chemtrails were sprayed in afternoon and they made white lines across the sky and the lines broke apart and drifted but did not white out the sky.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Chemtrails were sprayed through the clouds before 9 AM and it sticked but it didn’t white out because it was clearing out later in the day.

Monday, June 30, 2014

They started spraying heavy at sunset yesterday and then I think they stopped, they were trying to block out the sun. And then this morning it was cloudy with haze and sun and chemtrails and all day it was icky and hazy.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Yea they were likely spraying earlier this month but I forgot to write about it. Today I went out around 2:45 PM and the plane sprayed right over my head. It was very suspicious that they would spray directly over our house. Went to a park 5 miles away and saw chemtrails and haze drifting across the sky.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Chemtrails half as low today. And they were sprayed early in the morning and it gave me a headache right as I went outside. They were trying to feed chemicals into the thunderstorm clouds maybe because it rained around 3PM.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chemtrails in early morning. It may rain later, so that is why it probably sticks a lot and they brought an arsenal, they are trying to poison the soil to kill everything, but not too fast that average people would not be awoken. Also water runoff, you end up drinking that stuff in eventually unless you get your water from a deep underground spring or well.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

chemtrails all day and they stick and mess up the clear blue sky. Was not a complete white out though.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chemtrails all day but it didn’t white out the sky.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chemtrails in morning.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chemtrails in morning. Then it got cloudy. I don’t know if they stopped, probably not. They were probably trying to lace the clouds with poison because they knew it was going to rain.

Monday, October 20, 2014

They were spraying chemtrails all day long today and it’s supposed to rain 3 days in a row starting tomorrow afternoon or evening. And California needs that rain, it is pure economic/environmental warfare and people walk around and go shopping and are too ignorant and dumb to know what is going on.

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Boycott Nuts.com (nutsonline.com)

I am posting reviews of people just saying where they are from, not their name for privacy reasons. I think if their reviews get more publicity, it would harm the horrible company more than being tucked away under positive reviews on yelp.com. The reason I originally bought from them was because they were selling unpasteurized almonds in 2010 when there was an almond scare and all almonds are pasteurized unless labeled otherwise. I wanted the raw protein. They still advertise they sell them, so while they may be selling good stuff they are also selling really bad stuff from China and other strange places with no standards. They do not allow negative reviews on their website for a balanced perspective. Hope people find this blog so they know what they will be getting or having to deal with.

From a person in New Jersey

They ask to contact them via email about returning and do not answer their email. I contacted them on August 20 about the peanut butter recall because I wanted to know if I could find out where they get their stock of peanuts because I do not trust the FDA to deem certain peanuts unsafe and others not. I want to know who farms the peanuts and who packs them. I got no answer. They are either away or deliberately ignoring me because they don’t want to give away trade secrets. Their bee pollen comes from China and in order to return a 1 lb bag I have to pay return shipping even though it was not opened. Their facility is located in a hard to reach place, I once went there and the neighborhood is horrible looking and there was just one woman sitting behind the desk and wasn’t very helpful. I was expecting when I arrived to see a store where I could be greeted in a warm friendly family atmosphere since it was a family company but it’s not like that anymore. So I am dreading trying to go there to return the products I don’t want in person. I would like to know where my food comes from so I can see if I agree with the particular farm’s business practices or the particular packaging facility’s practices too, since they are all different. There are many facilities that hire immigrant workers who don’t use gloves when packing. That has led to many FDA shut downs over the years. Told them this complaint and received no answer. If they said to email them if we have a problem, they should answer in 1-2 business days, and it’s been 7 business days and no answer.

On the positive side, they sell their nuts in resealable bags, and if you did not open them, they rarely if ever go bad. They fixed apricots that were gassing the bag by putting an oxygen absorber in it last year. Sometimes they do listen to customer complaints. Maybe they have a grudge against me because I have been on their case numerous times in the past few months about where certain products come from but I have been buying 100s of dollars worth of nuts for 4 years from them and may have to find somewhere else to purchase, I could reuse their bags if the other place did not have resealable bags.

From a person in California

Omg I wish I had checked Yelp before I wasted my money!

I ordered Greek Yogurt Chips last week, as I was buying them from another company but they came in a trail mix, whereas Nuts.Com had just the yogurt chips, which I preferred.

I ended up paying close to $20 for a 1-pound bag.  If they had tasted like the tangy Greek yogurt chips I’m use too, I would have ordered more & this review would be 5 stars. But they didn’t.  They were sickly sugary sweet and did not even melt a little when cooked into a cheesecake.  HUGE disappointment. Add to that the fact there is ZERO bacteria cultures in the chips! Every other “Greek Yogurt” covered fruit or nut I purchase (elsewhere obviously) contain live cultures in their product.  Why doesn’t their product??

What’s further disturbing, is they filter reviews that they allow on their website. Example: my review stating what I’m saying here is NOT with the other “testimonials” on their page.

Then the company had the gall to email me and give me a $4.99 credit for my next purchase. Really?!? What part of my review did they not understand???!

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything from this company.

I would like to comment that this person was in California and it could be that the live cultures probably died in shipment which took a few days. Either way, I find that happens a lot, had the same thing happen to me from Vitacost, and the Garden of Life Raw Probiotics was shipped in the summer with one icepack and were warm and it did say it would survive it, so I don’t know. I would never buy probiotics again, and make my own sauerkraut or something like it.

From a person in Colorado

I had a similar experience to Stephanie H and Jim M.

After a trip to Turkey, my husband and I developed a taste for dried apricot and sweet apricot kernels. My mother had recommended Nuts.com as a great place to shop for these items. The apricots we ordered we delicious and completely satisfied our cravings! The sweet apricot kernels were terrible – very bitter and not remotely like the sweet, almond-like treats we enjoyed in Turkey.

I emailed and asked to return them expecting the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to be all that it claimed to be. It wasn’t. I was told by Jazz to ship them back at my expense which amounted to 30% of the product price. I asked if they might provide a shipping return label. No, we don’t do that.

After calling (hoping to talk to someone other than Jazz; no such luck) and calmly expressing my dissatisfaction with both their product and their customer service, I was begrudgingly and patronizingly given “special treatment” by getting a store credit for the unsatisfactory item. During the call I was basically told it was my fault I didn’t like the kernels (uh, what?), that I should have known these kernels came from Uzbekistan and not Turkey (they are not labeled on the site or on the bag), and sundry other ways of blaming the customer for having the temerity to speak up about an unsatisfactory product.

Maybe it’s my fault for listening to my mother and believing the best product/best customer service marketing hype (okay and forgetting to check Yelp first), but overall I have to say, this was a pretty rotten impression to give a first time customer. After I use my stinking credit, I’m done with these guys for good.

From someone in New Jersey

If I were you I would seriously reconsider purchasing your choice of nuts from another distributor.  Nuts.com has good customer service going for them but that is about it.  The products themselves are sub par.  They taste either cheap (i.e. the chocolate) or stale (i.e. nuts).  You can’t really go wrong w. peanuts obviously, unless one is actually that incompetent, however everything else, such as the mixes do actually taste stale.  I would expect a whole lot better if these guys are trying to create a niche here in the online/by-pound nuts industry.  Improve the quality of your product and learn how to maintain the freshness by continually refreshing your stock, otherwise this company will find themselves out of business within the next 2-3 years.  It’s all about first impression and customer retention and this company current doesn’t have the products in hand to achieve that business model.

From someone in California

Low prices, so I’ll probably keep ordering from them, but their customer service is horrific.

I’ve tried asking them very simple questions, and they blatantly refuse to answer the questions (not sure whether ignoring me would be worse or not).

If you can avoid doing business with them, I would suggest it, although like I said, they have low prices for several things I order, so I’ll probably keep ordering.

From someone in Illinois

Ordering here was a mistake. If you don’t believe me check out resellerratings.com and you will see all the unhappy people who have ordered from nuts.com or nutsonline.com (their former name). Shame on me for not researching first. I read about nuts.com in a magazine and I was intrigued. I went online and saw so much to choose from! I should have known it was too good to be true because the company only posts the positive reviews it receives, which is why you should look at the reseller ratings site.

My first and last order was $108 including shipping. My cashews were stale and the nuts (almonds, peanuts and pistachios) are bland beyond belief. The energy bars were boring.  I don’t think their prices are any better than Whole Foods. I understand that not everyone has a Whole Foods in their neighborhood, but WFs items taste much much better. Yes, the shipping is fast, but for mediocre stuff big deal. I did contact the company and received a refund for my crappy chewy cashews. Here is the email I received from the company:

I can assure you that this is just one bad batch that has occurred. We are currently approaching the new crop season for the cashews shortly and will be receiving a new lot. The credit would also be good towards any item on our website. Please let me know if you would like to reconsider the store credit. I look forward to hearing from you!


I did not want a store credit because I didn’t want to risk receiving another crappy order so I chose the refund. The company’s response above concerns me for a few reasons: 1) they are likely still filling orders from this one ‘bad batch’, 2) the company may not know how to store nuts properly.

Many other posters on reseller ratings have complained about stale or rancid nuts, so this is not a one time event. I’m not willing to risk another poor order . My nuts business is gladly going back to Whole Foods!

From someone in Massachusetts

Like a few others who have posted before me, my experience with customer service from nuts.com was awful.  I placed a large order of candy for a friend’s baby shower, and needed all pink candy.  I picked out everything I wanted, and waited for its arrival towards the end of the week so I could do all of the favors and have them ready for the shower (which was on a Saturday).

Sadly, half of the order was melted.  Yes, it’s been a HOT summer, but the shipping person should have known that one little cool-pak was not going to help 10-12 lbs of candy survive 95+ degree temps!

My bag of pink malted milk balls was basically a bag of warm stuff……. ever seen a liquid milk ball (unless it’s in a milkshake)?  Not pretty…. and not what I wanted.

I spent the hours before the shower coming up with other alternatives and driving all over Boston.  And my e-mail to the company?  NEVER received a response, so I will just dispute the transaction on my credit card.

Do yourself a favor and just shop somewhere near you!

From someone in Canada

I found rat droppings in my Cashew order! Don’t bother dealing with this company. I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth of product over the past few years. I contacted customer service, sent them pictures, and had the same bad experience as everyone else. Customer service brushed me off, claimed it wasn’t rat droppings and if it was they aren’t responsible for it. I was shocked by their terrible service because of their 100% satisfaction guaranteed claims on their website. Brutal company to deal with. Avoid at all costs.

Wow, now I really won’t ever buy from them again, anyways, it was after reading this post that I decided to make this blog post and never buy from them again or even bother dealing with them anymore.

From someone in Georgia

SO I just got off the phone with this lovely company (sarcasm). BEWARE: They do not have their “restocking fee” listed on their website and will charge you 20% if you return bulk items. If you have to return something good luck. I tried stopping them before they sent the order out today because I had to cancel my order due to business prospects not working out, and they said they had already shipped my packages. No problem I thought, I will just return it when it gets here in the next couple of days and receive a full refund. Well don’t bother calling customer service because they are NOT HELPFUL! Their “managers” “don’t have the power” to lower the restocking fee. Can I say it again that they don’t list their “restocking fee” anywhere on their website. Not my fault that they are negligent and removed the fee, I wouldn’t have ordered so soon if I had known that and would have saved me the discounted rate of 10% because that’s the “best the owners could do”.

It’s so frustrating how un-accommodating their customer service is. If I had known about the restocking fee this wouldn’t have been an issue and I would have been fine paying it, but when they say “the policy isn’t on our website” than that’s your sunk cost you have to deal with, not mine.


I did not know it was 20% thanks for sharing, they do not list it on their website still. And this review was put up 5 months ago.

From someone in Colorado

Let me first explain the one-star rating … THE SHIPPING COSTS!!  I’ve ordered 2 times previously from them – I wasn’t happy about the high shipping charges but bit the bullet and ordered anyway. Yes – the quality of the nuts, dates and stevia I ordered were very good quality. As example, the raw organic almonds had a flavor unlike anything I’ve found in even health food stores.

But with their already somewhat high prices for their products, irregardless of how great  and  wonderful they claim them to be, along with the steep shipping charges and let me warn you – they want another $3.00 to get “cool packs” to keep meltable items from melting in the hotter seasons – that pushes up the total price even higher.

Do your math – add up the cost of your items and then look at the amount they want for shipping compared to what you’re paying for the items … it’s steep.

The reason I’m posting  this is that I hope Nuts.com reads this and perhaps I’m not the only “squeaky wheel” and reconsiders how they can make the shipping more reasonable. NOTE: I’m not asking them to lower their products’ costs – it’d be nice, but please – get real with the steep shpg. charges!

I want to comment the person here lives in Colorado so they would be having to pay higher shipping, maybe they just don’t understand that the price of shipping depends on where you live, how many lbs the order will be, what the price of gas is at the time (usually), and what particular shipping method, which is given to all companies by the shipping services like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.

From someone in California

Be careful what you purchase from this company.  I was interested in their “organic” spirulina and chlorella, but curiously surprised by the low price.  Luckily, prior to making a purchase, I contacted their customer service to determine country of origin.  The spirulina is from China and the chlorella is from Korea.  I can’t speak for Korea, but it’s generally accepted that nothing from China can be truly verified as organic.  Actually, it’s best to “never” purchase food products from China and a company like this should know better than to be selling Chinese products.

Yes many products they sell come from strange countries because they can get a lower cost coming from a place that uses slave labor and horrible sanitary conditions. Not all overseas factories are bad though, but it just lists country of origin and not the particular facility that you can figure out maybe if that facility has contact information.

From someone in California

i have ordered from this company many times… i got the apricot sweet kernels each time… so this last order was a 5pound bag when i open it it was a very sour taste … i know what is taste like i grow up eating this type of kernels.. so i emailed to them to find out what we can do… she told me to send it back and they will send me a replacement bag.. i mailed it back cost me $16… they did not even offer to pay to send it back… i waited 4 weeks and did not get a email or call or no nuts back.. so i call them… the women who i talk to was rude talked over me not even let me finish my sentence to tell her what is the problem…  if you hate your job why you even work in a place where you have to talk to people???? get a personality or go to school get some people skills !!!!  this  call was made 2014 february 26 10am… so i hope the manager / owner of this place will read this and have a little talk with her… i can spend my money other places where they treat me nice,,,… thank you for reading

I think the person this person is talking about is Jazz.

From a person in California

So far I only have a customer service experience to share, and it isn’t good.  One perpetually angry woman I had to speak to was veeeery rude, but her supervisor wasn’t much better.  They fail to explain their policies, throw you to hold hardly barking at you that’s what they are about to do, mumble under their noses but fail to explain what’s going on with the order and when asked if there’s a problem just bark at you to wait …
I do also agree with one reviewer below who said that negative reviews, somehow, get taken off.  Just check them out on Reseller Ratings site and those reviews before nutsonline stopped participating.  Unless the merchendise arrives tasting heavenly, I’ll never shop with them.  I’m also advising everyone to do thorough research because somehow these guys manage to manufacture a good quantity of positive reviews and someone hide the bad ones, and I don’t know how there aren’t more bad ones after my so far short but highly negative experience.    WHAT THESE GUYS FAIL TO REALIZE, IS THAT FAMILY BUSINESS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN BARK AT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THEY ARE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS THAT ANGERED YOU( IF THAT’S WHAT THEIR FAMILY DOES AS A NORM)!!!  They should place few orders with zappos and use that as professional training!

Now from Resellerratings

“Their nuts are sometimes rancid so I will not be ordering from them in the future. Their 100% guarantee is useless. Their customer service is poor. “

“Poor Service and quality of the product! I ordered 2lb of Bee Pollen from NutsOnline.com. Bee Pollen was mixed with sand! I could not realize in a beginning. I blamed vegetables. I usually add it to my every morning drink. So, I took a picture of glass of juice with 1 table spoon of Bee Pollen and sent them.
NutsOnline.com refunded money for Bee Pollen, but not for the Shipping cost. Unbelievable! I will never have a business with them again!”

“Ordered 2 lbs of freeze dried bananas, 2 lbs of freeze dried strawberries and some other miscellaneous items. Strawberries ($67 for 2 lbs) came shrunken, soggy and chewy. The kids who absolutely love dried strawberries don’t even want to touch them. Customer service is useless. Very disappointed. Will be taking my business elsewhere.”

“glad i found this site to see they are basically selling chinese poison. i was looking to make a review of how disgusted i was with the oriental mix. thank god i could only stand to taste one piece and couldn’t even swallow that. i wont bother telling them because they obviously don’t care anyway. interestingly they have a spot on their site for reviews but they specify only “nice” ones so don’t go by that.”

“All their product is outsourced from china with no written guarantee of organic. If pressed they will admit that they are USDA certified to handle process ship and import. But with no legit organic enity to check.
If you look at the New York Times, the US has banned the Chinese organic inspector for many many infringements! The announcement was made today!
This is dirty food they are hawking ‘cheap’. Qualified Chlorella that is grown in Japan is roughly 4 times the price it is offered at nutsonline. Save your health, buy at all certified organic sites, where every item is certified by a board of independent certifiers.”

Wow this is scary, so they lie when it says on the website that the origin comes from USA? I just realized that I had organic pine nuts but they are in China. Chinese do not have same organic standards as us. The organic hunza raisins I am eating are from Uzbekistan. http://draxe.com/organic-foods-china-shocking-and-exposed/ After reading this, I am going to say that all companies who buy from this seem to have no humanity, because they are only concerned with competing in the marketplace which requires them to put their heads in the sand and sell things that come from China or other foreign places. I was thinking that since I buy a lot of food labeled organic from Mexico in the off season months, it is no problem but the article says that it is. I never got sick about it though, only one time did I vomit up an organic kiwi that came from New Zealand but that was after I ate canned salmon (wild sustainably harvested one bought in 2012 and eaten early this year).

I am thinking if a child grows up in a horrible environment with no love he will have no conscience because it would have been torn out of him at an early age and that is why this happens. That is why people operate under shady practices and don’t seem to understand what is the right thing to do for they have no real fellow humanity inside them. The worst thing that is happening now is a Boycott on Eden’s organic launched by these satanic bastards who are in charge of certification trying to force them off the market. They have standards HIGHER than USDA so they are not USDA certified, and as a result are being assaulted by the feminist movement. These foolish people would rather buy beans from China than ones made in USA because the CEO is a Catholic and has traditional marriage views? Yup. The way the satanic corporate elite do it seems to manufacture lies about independent companies, and then offer to buy them out to solve their problems, and keep them from going bankrupt. I wonder if they will now try to buy out Eden Foods to save them from going bankrupt.


“I ordered 10 pounds of chocolate covered almonds for my wedding from this company. I also ordered the ice pack that they suggested. When I received my order, the entire thing was melted!!! They not only wouldn’t refund my money or take the items back, they said it was MY FAULT for not shipping next day. This company is a total rip off. DO NOT ever user this company”

“I saw a bunch of 5-star reviews on another review site, where almost all said the product was great, and the packaging was great, excellent, or whatever. Not to cast any doubt on these types of reviews, but when you think of a purchase you made, is one of the first things you would discuss with a friend about your purchase, the quality of the shipping?

The reason I say this is because, when I ordered 4 or 5 1-lb baogs of chocolate covered expresso beans, the packaging was so bad, that when the product arrived, it was 4 or 5 blocks of chocoalte goo.

I called the company (the one that guarantees 100% satisfaction) and they said I should have ordered the upgrading shipping (like the guarantee, also a fantasy). I would think that a company that ships product that might be susceptible to things like being delivered in a UPS truck, or flown on an airplane overnight, would take responsibility for proper packaging. I’ve ordered seafood online for my parents that arrived at their door well packaged, and I didn’t even have to ask for the “alive” shipping option.

As you might guess, the company would not refund the money. they would not even re-ship a properly packaged replacement order.

Stay away from this company, and be wary of any reviews that start of with any or all of the following: Wow great packaging! Arrived faster than I expected, Showed up unmelted! You know, something a merchant might write in an attempt to balance out the real reviews. My apologies to any real reviewers out there that were pleased with this company’s product. This is not intended to cast doubt on your review.

“The order was packed nicely and arrived in a timely manner, but the nuts were not fresh at all,and a big disappointment. I am returning them for credit to my account.”

Now I wonder, since rat feces were found at one peanut facility, why wouldn’t they be in all? If they were found in cashews (all Nuts.com seem to be from Vietnam). I remember seeing rat feces in something but I am not sure when it was, it could have been in Hawaii though when I lived in a jungle. The White House comes up with an action team to discuss food safety standards? That’s lame, they are alwayas incompetent.


I can solve the situation. Start investigations of all peanut plants if they do not pass the test, shut them down until they fix their standards. When building peanut plants, make sure the enclosures are well sealed so that animals cannot get in. Fix current buildings to meet standards with additions and improvements. Rigorously train workers to understand proper sanitary procedures. They must understand to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly. Spray down the equipment often, at least once a day with hydrogen peroxide which is cheap and kills harmful pathogens.  The same can be said for any company that makes food like this. It does not have to just be peanuts. All companies should be forced to comply by these standards. I guess what I am asking for is communism because the government would force standards on the food industry. But only if someone who knows what they are doing would be doing it. Therefore it would be a monopoly. Not all monopolies are bad though. Just because there could be in the future one company that processes peanuts, does not mean it would be bad, however it likely would be since the biggest companies in the world ARE bad, big companies usually have the worst practices, but just the idea of a monopoly is not bad when it comes to food distribution standards. It would only be bad if that company has horrible practices. How to run a company like this would be making sure effectiveness is first, and safety. Profits should never be a concern and it would not be if they had no reason to feel the need to compete. The economic system is based on competition, but the competition should go in different companies offering different ingredients or sizes for different people’s preference on taste and diet. It should not be competition in any other way because one company has better standards the other companies that have low standards should cease to exist. And that would be Nuts.com. They need to move their standards up to where Eden Foods is, one that is higher than even USDA lack of standards. When I go shopping I scan an item for the familiar USDA symbol but now I will be doubting myself every time I see that if it really means anything. It’s not like we can all buy organic or even from local farmer’s markets if we live up north. Farmer’s markets are only open in the summer and they are all usually heavy on pesticides. All nuts will eventually be required to be pasteurized. I mean that is what they did with almonds, these damn politicians working with money and seeing it would be easier and less costly to just pasteurize and kill the food rather than fix peoples’ practices because everything costs money right? If only there was no such thing as money and people just did what they needed to do to make the world a better place without requiring pay. That goes for everyone including business executives and government. One raw nut company other than Nuts.com that is selling raw unpasteurized almonds was doing it from the USA. They were also shut down recently, and won’t be making orders until November 2014. Is it because they were breaking the law?

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Blood on the Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs Christian (Tom Horn) review

I took the Amazon.com listing here and the paragraph they wrote to describe it and debunked their claims, seen in brackets. It reminds me of Eric Bischoff who revealed the results of WWF Raw is War before it aired. So this book won’t come out until Tuesday and I am reviewing it now.

As the world races toward its momentous end-times encounter between good and evil [dumb future eschatology, you are wrong right there along with the rest of the world] (known in the Bible as Armageddon) [nope, Armageddon was a spiritual battle inside believers that took place before the second temple was destroyed], a deepening antagonism is developing worldwide against conservative Christians [what is a conservative Christian?]. According to a 2014 Pew Research Center report, this hostility now includes the United States, which elevated from the lowest category of government restrictions on Christian expressions as of mid-2009 to an advanced category in only the last three years [no one likes outspoken believers in Christ, it always has been and always will be]. This trend may point to one of the most overlooked aspects of Bible prophecy a war that ultimately pits born-again believers against religious Christians [ok so the war has always been between those who pretend and go to church and those who really are born again believers]. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, IN BLOOD ON THE ALTAR YOU WILL… * Read the Global developments that indicate Antichrist is on Earth and preparing to emerge [There is no antichrist figure, the antichrist is anyone who is against God] * Become acquainted with the government report on how true believers will be driven underground [true believers are already underground. You cannot set up your own church unless you are a pastor and then if you don’t have a 501c3 they will come after you!]* Understand how Religious Christians [are antichrist] are set to join Antichrist [the pope is the biggest spiritual leader in the world] in persecuting those born-again [born again have always faced persecution, if they are not facing some sort of persecution, they are not truly born again!]* Discover how university experiments prove a Lucifer Effect is concealed within all humanity [how good people turn evil? What, that shows you don’t understand human nature. Humans are not born good, they are born blank but with the tendency to lean towards evil. Only though God’s grace can they become good. All these people “pretending” to be good could actually reveal who they truly are, rotten sinners, and do really evil things if pushed to the limit in an economic collapse!] * Learn how scientists have isolated the Evil Gene that will transform the armies of the Beast [this is ridiculous, Adam Lanza was not the shooter, his body was dead the day before and placed on the scene all so they could merge psychiatrists with law enforcement. No, there is no evil gene. God did not create an evil gene. People are all sinners, and the society that teaches us to believe in evolution and movies and TV being violent cause young people to be more evil, each generation worse than the last.]* Grasp the social implications involving technology that will be used for the final battle [If he’s talking about microchip implants and RFID smart technology, it certainly is coming]* Hear the new theory of the Image of the Beast that has powerful implications about man [Two hearts, one who walks after lust of the flesh, and one who seeks God and there is an inner battle between the two. The majority of people already have the Image of the Beast because they rather follow their own wants and desires than listen to God] * Walk with the authors as they disclose the occult organizations devising psychotronic weapons [they already have been using this on people for quite some time. Look up marshall gregory Thomas on YouTube.] * Realize what Jesus meant by the Days of Noah and its connection to new genetic horrors [umm… no. The verse here is saying that in the last days of THEIR generation there will be few of the real believers left. That’s all it is talking about.] * Uncover how the Mark of the Beast [the mark of the beast already is here, and has been here for 1900 years! It surely is something that guides people to follow their own will and not the will of God. Everyone has it unless they are truly born again. It’s not a microchip.] will change those who receive it into murderers In Blood on the Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs. Christian, leading national and international researchers, scholars, authors, and speakers share urgent information and specialized knowledge about this coming war and what you can do to prepare for it. Contributing authors: Thomas Horn, Gary Stearman, Chuck Missler, Cris Putnam, Michael Lake, Sharon Gilbert, Derek Gilbert, Larry Spargimino, Paul McGuire, Douglas W. Krieger, S. Douglas Woodward, and Terry James, with foreword by Stephen Quayle. [All of these people are false prophets.]

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Russian test Mohammad

Мы не должны выбирать для тестирования Бога . Тестирование Бога великий грех и есть команда против него в Библии: Второзаконие 6:16 ¶ Не искушайте Господа Бога вашего, как вы искушали Его в Массе .

Тем не менее, в то время как мы не должны испытать Бога , Бог заповедует нам проверить пророков :

Матфея 24:24 Ибо восстанут лжехристы и лжепророки , и дадут великие знамения и чудеса , чтобы прельстить, если бы это было возможно , они прельстят и избранных.

25 Вот, Я наперед сказал вам .

Это как NIV они просто читать то, что было там, и решили интерпретировать своими словами . Библия короля Джеймса не трудно читать !

1-е Фессалоникийцам 5:19 Духа не угашайте .

20 Пророчества не уничижайте .

21 Все испытывайте держитесь того, что это хорошо.

22 Воздержитесь от всякого рода зла .

1 Иоанна 4:1 Возлюбленный , не всякому духу верьте , но испытывайте духов, от Бога ли они , потому что много лжепророков появилось в мире.

2 Настоящим знаете ли Дух Божий так: всякий дух , который исповедует Иисуса Христа, пришедшего во плоти, есть от Бога :

2-е Коринфянам 11:14 И неудивительно : потому что сам сатана принимает вид Ангела света .

Мухаммад утверждает, что является пророком Бога . Христиане не могут отклонить его требование как невозможно, потому что христиане верят, что Бог послал пророков . Но это не означает, что христиане должны слепо принимать , что Мухаммад является пророком , это было бы глупо и непослушны . Вместо нам заповедано , чтобы проверить пророков, чтобы определить, являются ли они от Бога. Мухаммад может быть истинным пророком или он может быть лжепророком . Мы должны проверить его, чтобы увидеть , который он . Готовы ли вы испытать Мухаммада как Бог повелел ?

Как мы тестируем пророка ? Мы проверяем пророка , исследуя свое пророчество , чтобы увидеть , правда ли это . Пророчество Мухаммада записывается в Коране так что мы должны проверить , что Коран говорит , чтобы увидеть Мухаммад , является ли истинным пророком .

Коран делает три претензии относительно того, почему Мухаммад является истинным пророком . Эти претензии ” проверяемым ” . Эти претензии являются:

Коран подтверждает учение еврейских и христианских писаний.
Коран делает яснее преподавание еврейских и христианских писаний.
Мухаммад предсказал в еврейских и христианских писаний.

Еврейские и христианские писания ( закончил в более поздней части первого века нашей эры ) являются писания пророков и содержатся в Библии. К ним относятся Тору, Псалмы , сочинения и Евангелие . Для всестороннего анализа того, что Коран говорит о Библия , перейдите по ссылке в конце этой статьи.

Для остальной части этой статьи я хотел бы серьезно отнестись эти претензии и проверить их . Я молюсь, чтобы вы не будет искать оправдания , чтобы избежать этого теста , но будет скорее повиноваться Богу и искать истину .

Ли в Коране ПОДТВЕРДИТЬ Библии?

О вы, к которым в Писании было дано ! Верьте в то, что Мы ниспослали ,
подтверждением того, что вы владеете . ( 4:47 Пикталл )

В некотором смысле Коран делает подтвердить Библию . Например Библия учит, что есть только один Бог , и что он является создателем всех вещей и что есть день, когда Бог будет судить все человечество. Коран также учит эти идеи и так подтверждает Библия . Однако во многих других важных моментов Коран противоречит учению Библии и так не подтверждает его вообще. Вот несколько кратких примеров:

Как молиться

Библия не объясняет , что многое о молитве , хотя это важно, хотя это дать понять, что молитва должна быть в тайне , и от сердца . Разве Бог , как это , если вы читаете из куска бумаги или после рутинной формулу , чтобы помолиться с ним? Не думаю. Иисус показал , как молиться в двух местах:

Мэтью 6:05 ¶ И когда ты молишься , не будь , как лицемеры, ибо они любят молиться , стоя в синагогах и на углах улиц, останавливаясь, они могут показаться перед людьми . Истинно говорю вам: они уже получают награду свою.

6 А ты, когда ты молишься , войди в твоей шкафу, а когда ты имеешь затворив дверь твою, помолись Отцу твоему, Который втайне ; и Отец твой , видящий тайное, воздаст тебе явно .

7 А молясь , не говорите лишнего , как язычники, ибо они думают, что они будут услышаны их очень говорить .

8 Не уподобляйтесь им, ибо знает Отец ваш , в чем вы имеете нужду, прежде вашего прошения у Него .

А потом Иисус молился в саду в Евангелии от Матфея 26:36-46 , Марка 14:35-39 , Луки 22:41-45 и Иоанна 17. Пожалуйста, имейте в виду, он закрыл лицо на земле и тоже повторять те же самые слова , но это не было напрасно reptitions , и когда кто-то молится от сердца в подчинении их лицо , естественно, будет на земле.

http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False % 20Religions/Roman % 20Catholicism/vain.htm

Коран учит , что молитва делается с формулами и повторений.


Борьба за Бога

В Евангелии Иисус очень ясно учил, что христиане не должны бороться за их религии. Его апостолы также преподавал то же самое :

Мэтью 5:39 А Я говорю вам, что не противься злому : но кто ударит тебя

в правую щеку твою , обрати к нему и другую; .

44 А Я говорю вам: любите врагов ваших, благословляйте проклинающих вас , благотворите ненавидящим вас и молитесь за обижающих вас и гнать и вас ;

Мэтью 26:52 Иисус сказал ему: возврати меч твой в его место, ибо все, взявшие меч погибнет мечом.

Ефесянам 6:12 потому что наша брань не против крови и плоти , но против начальств, против властей, против мироправителей тьмы века сего , против духов злобы поднебесной.

Но в Коране говорится , что Евангелие учит, что борется за Бога ( религии) является приемлемым.

http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/023-violence.htm некоторые стихи из Корана , которые позволяют бороться за вашу веру . Я говорил мусульманин , и он сказал только для самообороны .

Что Коран учит о Евангелии не так. Евангелие ясно запрещает борьбу за религию , какой вид делает нас слабыми , это , или нет? Я имею в виду , если преследователи придет после нас и хочет, чтобы мы мертвы, мы не должны ударить их, потому что те, кто использует меч от меча умрет . Коран не подтверждает Библию на этом крупнейшем точки .

Наказание за вора

В Библии наказание за кражи является то, что вор должен погасить свойство он украл плюс дополнительную сумму , чтобы компенсировать ( Левит 6:1-5 , Исход 22:3-4 ) . Если вор не сможет погасить то он вынужден работать, чтобы погасить свой ​​долг ( Исход 22:1 ) . Максимальная длина время, что он может работать на шесть лет , то он должен быть освобожден ( Второзаконие 15:12-14 ) . Этот тип правосудия является собственностью наказание за преступления против собственности .

В Коране однако вор должен иметь его рука отрезать [ предполагая, что он не раскаивается впоследствии ] :

[ Что касается ] вора , мужского и женского , ампутировать руки в воздаяние за то, что они совершили в качестве сдерживающего фактора [ наказания ] от Аллаха . И Аллах Могущественный , Мудрый . Но тот, кто кается после его проступка и реформ , ведь Аллах обратится к ним в прощении. Воистину, Аллах Прощающий, Милосердный . ( Коран 5:38 , Сахих International)

Этот тип наказания является постоянным на протяжении всей жизни физического наказания за преступление собственности. Учение Корана никоим образом не подтверждает библейское учение . Хотя как в старые добрые законы Завета , многие из них покончили с , это не нападение на современный день ислама , которые не могут придерживаться некоторых древних законов . Это только является доказательством того, что эта заповедь должна , но не подтверждает Библию , которая шла в первую очередь. здесь http://www.misconceptions-about-islam.com/cut-off-hands-theft.htm Говорит, что физическое наказание не единственная интерпретация , хотя он все еще может быть интерпретация . Наказание было больше око за око , ничего более жесткой , чем то, что было сделано. Дело , однако, что это совершенно разные наказания .

Вступить в повторный брак и та же женщина

В Торе , Бог повелел Моисею , что человек не должен вступить в новый брак с женой, если после выхода из его она вышла замуж за другого . На самом деле Бог сказал, что это мерзость сделать такую ​​вещь.

Второзаконие 24:1 Если кто возьмет жену и сделается ее мужем , и она сбудется , что она не найдет благоволения в глазах его, потому что он имеет нашли нечистоту в ней : то напишет ей разводное , и даст ей в руки, и отпустит ее из дома своего .

2 И когда она отойдет из своего дома , она пойдет, и выйдет чужую жену .

3 И если сей последний муж возненавидит ее и напишет ей разводное , и даст ей в руки, и отпустит ее из дома своего , или если последний муж умрет , которые взял ее себе в жену ;

4 Ее бывший муж , который отпустил ее , не может взять ее еще ​​раз, чтобы быть его женой , после того как она осквернена , ибо сие есть мерзость пред Господом, и не будешь вызывать землю для греха , который Господь Бог твой, дает тебе в удел .

Тем не менее, Коран позволяет мужчине вступить в новый брак своей жене, когда после ухода ему, что она была замужем другого человека :

И если он имеет развелся с ней ( в третий раз) , то она не является правомерным ему после этого , пока она уже не имеет замуж другого мужа . Тогда, если он (другой муж ) развестись с ней это не грех для них обоих , что они приходят снова вместе . (Сура 2:230 , Пикталл )

Что Коран позволяет Библия учит отвратительно , что Коран не подтверждает Библию .

Смерть Иисуса

В Библии Иисус ясно учил, что он умрет и воскреснет из мертвых :

Мэтью 16:21 ¶ С этого времени Иисус начал открывать ученикам Своим , что Ему должно идти в Иерусалим и много пострадать от старейшин и первосвященников и книжников , и быть убитым , и воскреснет в третий день .

Иисус также сказал , что его смерть и воскресение было то, что пророки до него предсказал :

Лука 24:45 Тогда отверз им понимание , что они к уразумению Писаний ,

46 И сказал им : так написано , и так надлежало пострадать Христу, и воскреснуть из мертвых в третий день :

47 И покаянию и прощению грехов будет проповедано во имя Его , во всех народах , начиная с Иерусалима .

Иисус также объяснил смысл его смерти :

Мэтью 20:26 Но это не будет так у вас : а кто хочет быть большим между вами , да будет вам слугою ;

27 и кто хочет между вами быть первым , да будет вам рабом;

28 так как Сын Человеческий пришел не чтобы Ему служили , но чтобы послужить и отдать душу Свою для искупления многих .

Однако, когда Коран учит о смерти Иисуса на кресте он говорит , что он никогда не умер !

“Мы ( евреи ) убил Мессия , Иисус , сын Марии , Посланник Бога ” – все же они не убить его , и не распяли , лишь подобие , что было показано им . … И они не умертвили его не определенности – не действительно; . Бог воскресил Его к Нему ; Бог Всемогущий , Мудрый (Сура 4:156-157 , Арберри )

Иисус учил, что его смерть на кресте была заплатить за наши грехи , и что это была часть Божьей работы , что он пришел , чтобы выполнить . Однако в смерти Коране Иисуса на кресте смерти нет вообще. Таким образом, Коран не подтверждает Библию в этой важнейшей точке.

Счет Ноя

Коран также неправильно пересказывает многие из библейских счетов. Вот только два кратких примера . Библия ясно учит , что все сыновей Ноя пришел в ковчег с ним .

Бытие 6:9 ¶ Вот житие Ноя: Ной был человек праведный и непорочный в роде своем; Ной ходил пред Богом .

10 Ной родил трех сынов: Сима, Хама и Иафета .

7:01 И сказал Господь Ною: войди ты и все семейство твое в ковчег , ибо тебя увидел Я праведным предо Мною в роде сем .

7 ¶ И вошел Ной и сыновья его , и жена его, и жены сынов его с ним в ковчег , от вод потопа.

Тем не менее, в Коране один из сыновей Ноя еще не вступили в ковчег :

Ной называется своему сыну , который стоял в стороне ( из ковчега ) , ” встать с нами , сын мой, и будь не с неверными ! ” Он сказал : “Я буду укрыться в горах, что будем защищать меня из воды ” . … и пришел волны между ними , и он утонул. (Сура 11:42-43 , Арберри )

Таким образом, история Ноя в Коране не подтверждает библейское учение .

Чума Египта

В Библии очень подробно язвы, Бог послал на Египет . Это можно найти в Исход гл . 7-11 . Резюме язв выглядит следующим образом:

Река превратилась в кровь . Исход 7:14-24
Лягушки 8:1-15
Комары 8:16-19
Мухи 8:20-32
Смерть скота. 9:1-7
Кипит 9:8-12
Да здравствует 9:13-35
Саранча 10:1-20
Темнота 10:21-29
Смерть первенцев 11:1-10

В Коране мы не сказали все язвы .

[ Сура Аль - Araf
Мы наказаны народ фараона с лет ( засухи ) и затрудненное культур; чтобы они приняли наставление . (130) Но когда хорошо ( раз ) пришли , они сказали : «Это из-за нас " ; когда охвачен бедствия , они приписали его к злых предзнаменований , связанных с Моисеем и иже с ним ! Вот ! на самом деле предзнаменования зла являются их в поле зрения Аллаха , но большинство из них не понимают ! (131) Они сказали ( Моисею ) : « каковы бы ни были признаки Ты несешь , работать с ним в колдовстве на нас , мы никогда не будем верить в тебя . " (132) Так Мы отправили ( язвы ) на них ; оптовые саранчи Смерти , вши, Лягушки , и кровь : признаки открыто Self- объяснил , но они были погружены в высокомерии , народ , данные греха. (133) Каждый раз, когда казнь упал на них, они сказали: "О Моисей от нашего имени вызова на Господа твоего в силу своего обещания тебе : если ты будешь удалить штраф от нас, мы будем искренне верю в тебя, и мы ушли сынов Израилевых с тобою " . (134) Но каждый раз мы удалили штраф от них в соответствии с фиксированным сроком , которые они должны были выполнить - вот ! они нарушили свое слово ! (135) Так мы отомстили из них: Мы потопили их в море , потому что они сочли ложью Наши знамения , и не в состоянии принять предупреждение от них. (136) , и мы сделали люди, считается слабым (и ни в коем случае ), наследниками земель в Восточном и Западном земли - на которой Мы ниспослали Наши благословения. Справедливая обещание Господа твоего выполнен на детей Израиля , потому что они имели терпение и постоянство , и мы сравняли с землей великие дела и прекрасных зданий , которые фараон и его люди , возведенных (с такой гордостью ) . (137) ]

Почему язвы из того ?

Заключение : Коран утверждает, что подтверждают учение Библии. Тем не менее, когда его учение по сравнению с Библии видно, что Коран не подтверждает Библию на крупных и мелких точек . Без сомнения, много оправданий не может быть сделано до извините Коран для этой неудачи , но почему полагаться на оправдания ? Коран утверждает, что подтверждают учение Библии , но это не потому что это не так , а не подлинной пророчество от Бога.

Ли в Коране бы прояснить учение Библии ?

Это Коран не такие, как , может быть получено , кроме Аллаха ;
напротив, является подтверждением ( откровений ) , что ниспослано до него ,
и более полное разъяснение Книги ( 10:37 AYA/38 МП).

Воистину это Коран Станет ли ( ли ) объяснить детей Израиля
большинство вопросов, по которым они не согласны ( 27:76 Ая ) .

Смерть Иисуса

В Библии смерть Иисуса на кресте очень четко объяснил . Оба Иисус и его ученики учили, что смерть Иисуса была заплатить за наши грехи, чтобы мы могли быть спасены от Божьего суда .

Иисус сказал :

Матфея 20:28 так как Сын Человеческий пришел не чтобы Ему служили , но чтобы послужить и отдать душу Свою для искупления многих .

Апостол Петр учил:

1 Петра 3:18 Потому что и Христос , однажды пострадал за грехи наши, праведник за неправедных, чтобы привести нас к Богу , быв умерщвлен по плоти , но ожив духом :

Апостол Павел учил:

Галатам 3:13 Христос искупил нас от клятвы закона , сделавшись за нас клятвою , ибо написано: проклят всяк, висящий на древе,

14 Это благословение Авраамово может на язычников через Иисуса Христа , чтобы нам получить обещанного Духа верою .

Апостол Иоанн учил:

1 Иоанна 2:2 И Он есть умилостивление за грехи наши, и не только за наши , но и за грехи всего мира.

Приведенные выше цитаты показывают, что Библия объясняет смерть Иисуса очень ясно. Но когда читается Коран это не делает яснее библейское учение вместо этого он фактически путать это учение . Она делает это путем обучения , что Иисус не умер на кресте.

“Мы ( евреи ) убил Мессия , Иисус , сын Марии , Посланник Бога ” – все же они не убить его , и не распяли , лишь подобие , что было показано им . … И они не умертвили его не определенности – не действительно; . Бог воскресил Его к Нему ; Бог Всемогущий , Мудрый (Сура 4:156-157 , Арберри )

Что является результатом того, что Коран учит о распятии Иисуса? Каково значение смерти Иисуса учили более “ясно” , так что это легче понять ? Нет, все наоборот . Смерть Иисуса даже не верил многими мусульманами . Таким образом, Коран не делает яснееучение Библии , вместо этого он путает и отнимает у людей слово Божье , которое было уже ясно .

История создания

Библия очень подробно о истории создания , и это даже доказывает, что это было буквальном 6 дней . Но Коран не ясна, и даже некоторые переводы чтобы казалось, поддержать эволюцию. Если Коран есть истина , то это было бы подтвердить и сделать его еще более четким. Но в Библии Новый Завет , который был написан между АД 60 и 90 дали понять, что Иисус учил буквальном 6 дней для создания , и что человек согрешил от создания мира . Библия начинается с двух главах дело с созданием и Коран не имеет дело с самого начала, стихи , касающиеся как был создан мир очень мало, и распространено на всем протяжении этого .


Больше Иисус понимал Священные Писания больше, чем кто-либо , и он научил буквальное создание 6 день :

Марк 10:06 Но от начала творения Бог создал мужчину и женщину .

Марк 13:19 Ибо в те дни будет такая скорбь , какой не было от начала творения, которое сотворил Бог, даже доныне , и не будет.

Лука 11:50 То, что кровь всех пророков, пролитая от создания мира , может потребоваться этого поколения ;

51 от крови Авеля до крови Захарии , убитого между жертвенником и храмом : истинно говорю вам , взыщется от рода сего.

Таким образом, веб-сайт имеет несколько других вещей , упомянутых как вызов Иисуса часть троицы . http://www.biblicalunitarian.com/verses/colossians-1-15-20


Я не верю в троице . Это легко развенчан следующим образом:

Сколько раз в Библии Отец объявить себя единственным Бога?

Многие .

Сколько раз Иисус объявить себя Богом ?

Никогда . Но он объявить Небесного Отца несколько раз, чтобы быть Богом.

Сколько раз Святой Дух / дух объявить себя Богом ?

Никогда .

Там вы имеете его . Развенчан .

Коран учит, что мир был вокруг много перед человечеством .


Это идет вместе с эволюцией , но теистической эволюции .

Жертва Авраама

Библия учит, очень ясно, что Аврааму было велено предложить своего сына Исаака в жертву Богу :

Бытие 22:01 И было , после сих происшествий Бог искушал Авраама и сказал ему: Авраам! , И он сказал: вот, я здесь.

2 И сказал он : возьми сына твоего, единственного твоего сына Исаака , которого ты любишь , и пойди в землю Мориа и там принеси его во всесожжение на одной из гор, о которой Я скажу тебе .

3 ¶ Авраам встал рано утром , оседлал осла своего , взял двух своих молодых людей с ним, и сына своего Исаака , и наколол дров для всесожжения , и , встав, пошел на место, о которые Бог сказал ему .

4 На третий день Авраам возвел очи свои , и увидел то место издалека .

5 И сказал Авраам отрокам своим : останьтесь вы здесь с ослом , а я и сын пойдем туда и поклонимся , и возвратимся к вам .

6 И взял Авраам дрова для всесожжения , и возложил на Исаака, сына своего , и он взял в руки огонь и нож , и пошли оба вместе .

7 И начал Исаак говорить Аврааму , отцу своему, и сказал : отец мой , и он сказал : вот я , сын мой . И он сказал: вот огонь и дрова, где же агнец для всесожжения?

8 И сказал Авраам , сын мой, Бог усмотрит Себе агнца для всесожжения, чтобы они пошли оба вместе.

9 И пришли они к месту о котором сказал ему Бог ; и Авраам устроил там жертвенник , разложил дрова и, связав сына своего Исаака , положил его на жертвенник поверх дров .

10 И простер Авраам руку свою и взял нож, чтобы заколоть сына своего .

11 И Ангел Господень воззвал к нему с неба и сказал: Авраам! Авраам : и Он сказал: вот я!

12 И он сказал: не поднимай руки твоей на отрока , и не делай что-нибудь ему : ибо теперь Я знаю , что боишься ты Бога , и как ты не пожалел сына твоего , единственного твоего, от меня.

Остальная часть Библии также ясно учит , что Исаак был сыном , что Авраам предложил в жертву :

Евреям 11:17 Верою Авраам , будучи искушаем , принес в жертву Исаака и, имея обетование, принес до единородного ,


” Единородный ” означает уникальный / особенным. Мы знаем, что Авраам имел Измаила тоже, но он не был то, что предлагает на обещания.

Джеймс 2:21 Был не Авраам, отец наш оправдался делами, когда он Исаака, сына своего на жертвеннике ?

[читать контекст этого стиха , как это не говорит, мы спасены работ ]

Учет жертву Авраама также сказал в Коране . Однако счет не очень понятно . В частности личность сына прямо не указано .

Мы дали ему ( Авраама ) новости о нежной сына. И когда он достиг возраста , когда он мог работать с ним, его отец сказал ему: “Сын мой, мне приснилось, что я жертвуя вас . Скажите , что вы думаете . ” Он ответил:” Отец , делай, как вы велено . Даст Бог ты найдешь меня непоколебимым ” И когда они оба покорились Богу , и Авраам сложили его сын ниц на лице , мы крикнул ему говорю : ” . . Авраам , вы выполнили ваше видение ” (Сура 37 :99 -104 , Дауд )

Поскольку личность сына Авраама не упоминается это привело ко всем типам путаницы для мусульманской общины . Аль- Табари является одним из величайших историков ислама Корана . Он открыто признает, что ранние мусульманские богословы не были уверены, какой сын предложил Авраам , некоторые думали, что это был Исаак , другие, что это было Измаил . На самом деле Ат-Табари даже говорит, что имеются достоверные хадисы (отчеты ) от Мухаммада некоторые из которых говорят, что это был Исаак и другие, которые говорят, что это был Измаил :

Самые ранние мудрецы нации нашей Пророка не согласны , о котором из двух сыновей Авраама это было , что ему было велено принести в жертву . Некоторые говорят, что был Исаак , а другие говорят, что это был Измаил . Обе точки зрения поддерживаются заявления, связанные с санкции Посланника Бога. Если обе группы отчетности были одинаково звук , то – так как они оба пришли от Пророка – только Коран может служить доказательством , что учетная запись имен Исаака явноболее правдивым из двух. ( Ат-Табари , История ат-Табари , том . II , с. 82 , Пророки и Патриархи (пер. Уильям М. Бреннер ) , Университет штата Нью- Йорк Пресс , Олбани 1987 )

Эта путаница , вызванная Корана , доходит до кульминации с мусульманского праздника Ид аль-Адха . Этот фестиваль происходит во время ежегодного паломничества в Мекку . На этом фестивале животное приносили в жертву помню время, когда Авраам предложил , а не Исаака , но его сын Исмаил . Библия ясно учит , что сын Авраам предложили, был Исаак . Коран не говорит , кто сын был , но результат неясного преподавания Корана является то, что мусульмане отвергают ясное учение Библии и вместо думаю , что сын был Измаил хотя нет доказательств для этого от Коран .

Опять мы видим, что то, что было ясно учит Библия смущает Корана и привело к путанице и разногласий между мусульманами и евреями и христианами. Таким образом претензии Корана , объясняющими Библию видно ложными еще раз.

( Дополнительные сведения о жертве Авраама и звание ” единственного сына ” , перейдите по ссылке в конце этой статьи. )

Сын Божий

В Библии есть много учение о ” Сына Божьего ” . Это учение совершенно ясно . Коран также может многое сказать о ” Сына Божия ” , однако это не подтвердить или сделать яснее библейское учение , вместо этого он неправильно понимает и фактически смущает то, что Библия ясно учит .

Что говорит Библия о ” Сына Божьего “?

Фраза ” Сын Божий ” это титул, который используется в Библии для обозначения чье-то отношение к Богу . Эта связь включает в себя человека, или человек , получая обещания от Бога , что они получат что-то от него . Таким образом, они являютсянаследник Бога , как они были обещаны и наследование от него . Теперь, так как сын является наследником своего отца так же тех, кто получил обещания от Бога называются “сынами ” Бога . В книге Исход мы видим, что весь народ ветхозаветный Израиль не текущей Израиля , называется Божья “сын” .

Исход 4:21 И сказал Господь Моисею : когда пойдешь и возвратишься в Египет, смотри, делай все чудеса перед фараоном , который я поставил в руке твоей : но я ожесточает сердца своего , что он не отпустит люди идут .

22 И скажи фараону: так говорит Господь: Израиль есть сын Мой , первенец Мой;

23 Я говорю тебе: отпусти сына Моего , чтобы он совершил Мне служение; а если не отпустишь его, то вот , Я убью сына твоего , первенца твоего .

Осия 11:01 Когда Израиль был юн, Я любил его и вызвал сына Моего из Египта .

Позже в истории Израиля Бог назначил Давида как царя Израиля. Титул « Сын », который был нанесен в Израиль теперь также применяется к ее короля , как он был главой нации и получил особое обещание от Бога. Таким образом, каждый царь Израильский имел титул «Сын » Бога :

2-я Царств 7:11 И с того времени , как Я поставил судей над народом Моим Израилем , и дал тебе покой от всех врагов твоих . Также Господь возвещает тебе, что Он устроит тебе дом .

12 ¶ И когда же исполнятся дни твои , и ты почиешь с отцами твоими, Я обращу семя твое после тебя, которое произойдет из чресл твоих, а я поставлю свое царство .

13 Он построит дом имени Моему , и Я утвержу престол царства его на веки .

14 Я буду ему отцом, и он будет Мне сыном . И если он согрешит , Я накажу его жезлом мужей и ударами сынов человеческих :

Царь Израильский также имел другое название , название Мессии. ( Греческий перевод слова Мессия Христос . Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ ) Слово Мессия происходит от еврейского слова « помазать ». Каждый царь Израильский был помазан на должность царя , и так каждый царь былПомазанник или Мессия . Мы видим это произойдет, когда Саул был помазан на царство над Израилем :

1-я Царств 10:01 И взял Самуил сосуд с елеем и вылил на голову его, и поцеловал его и сказал: Разве это не потому, что Господь помазал тебя быть капитаном наследия Своего ?

Что мы видели до сих пор ? Мы видели, что каждый царь Израильский титулы Сына Божьего и Мессии / Христа. Таким образом, Сын Божий, Мессия / Христос и Мессия / Христос был Сын Божий . Эта связь между двумя названиями был четко понимать, в то время Иисуса для мы видим два титула , используемые вместе :

Мэтью 16:13 ¶ Когда Иисус пришел в страны Кесарии Филипповой, Иисус спрашивал учеников Своих: , говоря: за кого люди почитают Меня, Сына Человеческого?

14 И сказали они: Некоторые говорят, что ты Иоанна Крестителя : некоторые , Илию; а иные за Иеремию , или за одного из пророков .

15 Он говорит им: а вы за кого почитаете Меня?

16 Симон же Петр , отвечая, сказал : Ты Христос , Сын Бога Живаго.

Мэтью 26:62 И , встав, первосвященник и сказал ему: Ты ничего не отвечаешь ? что это такое , которое они против Тебя свидетельствуют ?

63 Но Иисус молчал . И первосвященник отвечал и сказал Ему: заклинаю Тебя Богом живым , скажи нам, Ты ли Христос, Сын Божий .

64 Иисус говорит ему: ты сказал ; но говорю вам: отныне узрите Сына Человеческого, сидящего одесную силы и грядущего на облаках небесных.

Надеюсь, что теперь вы можете понять, что Библия, когда он говорит о Сыне Божьем . Это не говорит о Боге сексом и производить ребенка. Название Сын Божий даже не подразумевают божественность в лице для , как мы видели , народ Израиля и царем были позвонить Бога сына . Иисус является истинным выполнение Сына Божия . Он есть истинный Христос, сын Давидов , истинным Израилем . Он есть истинный сын, который получил наследство от своего Отца , Бога . Это наследие было царство самого Бога.

Мэтью 28:18 И приблизившись Иисус говорил им , говоря: Вся власть дана мне в небе и на земле .

Теперь же Коран сделать яснее библейское учение о « Сына Божьего “? Ответ: нет ! На самом деле Коран неправильно понимает и путает это учение из Библии. На протяжении всего Корана он отрицает , что Иисус есть Сын Божий , но по ошибке все еще называет его Мессией.

Мессия , Иисус , сын Марии , был не более , чем Бога апостола и Его Слово , которое Он приведен к Марии ( Сура 4:171 , Дауд ) .

Евреи говорят , Эзра является ” Сын Божий ” ; христиане говорят : “Мессия есть Сын Божий”. То есть произнесение там рты , в соответствии с неверными перед ними. Бог нападать их! Как они извращены . (Сура 9:30 , Арберри )

Они говорят: ” Бог родил сына ” не дай Бог ! (Сура 10:68 , Дауд )

19:35 ( Асад ) Это не возможно, что Бог должен был принять к Себесына : безграничны является Он в Своей славе ! [26] Когда Он желает вещь , чтобы быть , он , но говорит, к его “быть” и это !

Коран не показывает понимание смысла названия ” Сын Божий ” . В Коране это ничего не значит больше , чем следует, что Бог был секс , и как мы видели из Библии это не то, что означает название. В Коране Иисуса присвоено звание Мессии и в то же лишать звания Сына Божия ; Библия ясно учит , что оба эти названия идут вместе.

Опять мы видим, что то, что было ясно учит Библия смущает Корана и привело к путанице и разногласий между мусульманами и христианами . Коран утверждает, что сделать яснее учение Библии, но это утверждение является ложным. Это не делает яснее учение Библии , на самом деле это только запутывает его.

Мухаммад предсказано в Библии?

Те, кто следуют Посланнику ( Мохаммеда ) , Пророка , кто может
ни читать, ни писать , кого они найдут описано
в Торе и Евангелии ( которые ) с ними ( 7:157 МП).

Для того чтобы определить , является ли или нет Мухаммад предсказал в Библии вы будете должны прочитать библейские писания , на которые ссылаются и решить для себя , считаете ли Вы , они предсказывают пришествие Мухаммеда. Вы можете, как прочитали мой отзыв статьи Джамаля Бадави по этому вопросу. Он перечисляет все общие библейские писания , что мусульмане утверждают, обратитесь к Мухаммаду . Лично я нашел все попытки продемонстрировать эту неубедительно.

Очевидно, что мусульмане также было трудно найти какой-либо ссылки на Мухаммеда в Библии. Я говорю это потому, что некоторые мусульмане фактически написали свои Евангелия , так что теперь fortells пришествия Мухаммеда. Два примера этого являются ” Евангелие от ислама ” (1979) и “Евангелие от Варнавы ” (14 век) :

Но она (Мария) указал на младенца . Они сказали , Как мы можем говорить с младенцем в колыбели . Но ребенок заговорил и сказал: Я действительно раб Божий . Он сам назначил меня как знак для мужчин и милость от Него. Это был вопрос ПОСТАНОВИЛИ … То, что я может принести в мир благую весть о посланник , который придет после меня , как свет и милосердие всем народам ; его имя будет называться Великолепный ( 2:20-3:1 ) . ( Ахмад Shafaat , Евангелие от ислама , Нью-Йорк : Vantage Press, 1979 )

Священник же сказал : «Как должен Мессия назвать” … Иисус ответил: « Имя Мессии , достойна восхищения … Мухаммед его благословил имя ” (Евангелие от Варнавы , глава 97 , 14-го века нашей эры. ) .

Если Мухаммад действительно было предсказано в Евангелии не было бы никакой необходимости для мусульман переписать Евангелие с Мухаммадом теперь предсказано в нем. Эти ложные евангелия способствуют доказательства того, что Мухаммад не предсказано в Библии, и что это требование Корана является ложным.

( Дополнительные сведения о эти ложные евангелия , перейдите по ссылке в конце этой статьи. )


Любой, кто утверждает, что пророк должен быть готов , чтобы его пророчество испытания – это команда от Бога ! Пророчество Мухаммада является Коран и Коран делает три требования , которые могут быть проверены :

Это подтверждает учение Библии.
Это делает более яснымучение Библии .
Мухаммад предсказан в Библии.

В этой статье я представил доказательства , так что вы можете рассмотреть эти претензии на себя. Я лично могу лишь заключить , что претензии Корана являются ложными. Это не подтверждает учение Библии , это не делает яснее учение Библии , и Мухаммад не предсказано в Библии. Именно потому, что Коран является ложным , что мусульмане должны были переписать Евангелие с книгами , как ” Евангелие от ислама ” и ” Евангелие от Варнавы ” , для того, чтобы Библия и Коран подтверждают друг друга . Это также объясняет, почему так много мусульман Я говорил , чтобы напасть на Библию и обвинять его в изменяется , они пытаются избежать неудачи Корана на возлагая вину на других.

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