Jesus Christ: the example of a real man

The war against men. The war did not begin in the 1960s or the 1920s. The current war began in the 1850s or 1860s when they started forcing boys and girls to go to school together, public schools. Boys and girls were of course still treated differently in school and it wasn’t until much later that they were treated the same. By that I mean that boys were probably given more rougher treatment in school and girls weren’t. And girls may have not finished as much or went as long as boys did. But the point of this was to take the role of the father out of their life and put some other person in charge. This is against God’s plan. God’s plan was simple homeschooling with just the parents and possibly immediate family raising the children 24/7. So then when boys and girls were separated, that was the beginning of the end of the family. Then parents were forced to bring home money to support the family. So then came the idea that it was the man that had to do it. This is the traditional idea that people who are atheist or false Christians push for that we go back to. They wish we would go back to pre-1960s or something like that thinking that the revolution happened when men and women started to do this sexual revolution, or maybe some people push the date back to the early feminist movement in the 1920s. Well they are wrong. While these were stepping stones to where we are today, they weren’t the main cause. In the good old days, and that is 150 years ago at least, all men and women worked together for the house and raising the kids together and kids grew up strong and smart as they needed to be. Men didn’t need to bring home money to support the family because the family had all its supplies and food growing on the land surrounding their house. And most of what kids learn in school is nonsensical lies that defy God’s words in the Bible anyways, i.e. evolution, geography, cosmology.

So basically, this round goes back to Cain and Abel when Satan saw that man could be pushed to do disgusting things: murder. If someone is pushed and nurtured in the right way, they will do murder. Let’s do a hypothetical experiment. Raise identical twins in two different means. Raise one boy by circumcising him as a newborn, and then raise him to be tough by not always picking him up when he cries, and teaching him sports, and getting him into action cartoons and dramas that involve heavy violence. Give him violent video games to play. Give him a football which is a high impact sport. Get him books detailing past wars in humanity’s history. Then the other twin, be loving to him, raise him up to be selfless, know sacrifice, be strong willed, know how to stand up for what’s right, and also do so without being violent. Basically raise him up to follow in Christ’s footsteps to live His life.  Jesus Christ is what? The Way, the Truth, the Life. Now most people only use the “Truth” part when they preach about how Jesus was the only way to the Father and say that all we need to do is just believe in him. But what they don’t realize is Jesus wants you to follow him, obey him, and follow him to God. This is what the other twin will be doing. And guess what? First twin will end up being a regular guy, maybe even a manly tough guy. Maybe he will go to school and become a politician, an athlete, or a war “hero”. And the second twin will grow up being no one special that the world likes, in fact the world will hate him. His compassion will be seen as weakness. It’s certainly not feminine. And his stance against sin and hypocrisy will be hated by all. And he will likely be cast out of society, framed for something he didn’t do, and thrown in jail where he will be transformative to the guys that are in there.  The guys who are in there follow the mold of the first boy, except their role models were not teaching them sports, or giving them video games to get their rage out. Their role models were likely the street thugs of the older generation giving them weapons and teaching them to survive the harsh streets of the inner city. Not much difference. The only difference is the play fighting in sports like dodgeball and video games with the suburbian kids and the real fighting with guns and knives with the inner city poverty kids. Their hearts are both in the same place already. Both are sinners and going to hell. What needs to be done like I said is men need to be raised in Christ’s footsteps, because he was a man who lived on earth, the greatest man who ever lived.

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What is a miracle of God? Analyzing a car crash

God intervenes: The person walks away unscathed from a total crash. This is a miracle of God, they should have been injured. I dont believe the devil, who seeks to destroy whoever he can would have anything to gain here. If it’s reported on the news, it usually is said it was a miracle or miracle of divine intervention.

Man intervenes: For worst case scenario to prove a point because we must logically see the other extreme in order to see where the mainstream medicine lies. Where does society lie? This also goes into the debate of euthanasia which I believe should not be debated in this particular incident. The person is badly injured, near death, and air lifted to a medical facility, immediately put on machines to keep him breathing, injected with IV, emergency invasive surgery. Then is left in a coma on the machines. The family is found and contacted for the bill. The bill goes up as the person is kept on machines, given organ transplants, and blood transfusions. Stem cell research has led to potential “cures” for his body. After a year of horrendous procedures and medical bills that the family cannot afford they finally save the man but he will be confined to a wheel chair. Stem cells are used to figure out how to get him to finally walk again.

What is a miracle of God? Is modern medicine really a miracle when they used things that are clearly prohibited by God’s words such as you should not ingest the blood of another because it contains the life force, the soul? And what about the stem cells from aborted fetuses supposedly giving this person a cure? What if they didn’t find the person in time? Could they really say a guardian angel was watching and got the person saved in time before he died? Thousands die in car crashes each year, where were their guardian angels? Were they sinners and deserved death when this person who “survived” did not deserve to die? Is God going to use this person to bring forth good works in the rest of his life?

To illustrate the point further that God is not involved in many supposed “miracles” I want to mention this one incident that happened last month that was publicized as a miracle. There was a car that went off the road into the woods. The police went looking for it and heard a woman’s voice. Then they found the car located where the voice was coming from. They found a dead woman and her baby in the car. The baby was saved from the wreckage and lived. Is this a miracle of God? I would argue that it’s not. Yes the baby lived. But all they could talk about is how the mother’s spirit was watching over the baby and calling out for help. This is against God’s words. People now have a reason to believe that after they die, they do not await the judgement, but can roam the earth, do last finished business. This is a pagan belief. Christians should not believe in ghosts. The truth is that there was a devil/demon involved, and they sound like a woman if needed. And they called out for help so that people would believe this lie about ghosts that you do not meet God upon death for the judgment. People would say that judgment doesn’t happen for the wicked until the resurrection, well I don’t want to get into it really in this blog, but you should read some of Don K Preston‘s work, because he’s already dealt with this belief in a future resurrection. So what happens at death? I think what happens is you meet God and then you get judged, if you were sinning, you have to go to punishment and if you are saved, you go to heaven. So this woman couldn’t have called for help, it was a devil/demon. If an angel of God was doing it, they would surely have led the police whether with a male voice or just a nod like “follow me” and the police would have said they saw a man or heard a man’s voice and the news would have speculated that an angel of God was watching out for the baby. They would never have said anything about a woman’s voice and a ghost. Therefore there would not have been any reason to plant seeds of doubt in God’s words in the Bible that we are appointed to live once, then the judgment.

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All your favorite celebrities are vampires

What would you do if you realized many of your favorite celebrities have lived for centuries, disappearing or faking their deaths in order to reappear as someone else many years later? What if many of them were clones of people who lived before them? What if many of them are actually related to each other when seemingly aren’t? What if they were created in laboratories and planted in perfect families where they would have the opportunity given to them at a certain age to be recruited? What if there was no such thing as free will and all life is preordained?  What if? If you are interested in this topic, post a comment below and I will let you see some of my research into this subject because it’s something I wrote about on my other blog that has gotten a lot of hits and I know it’s a hot topic. It is very interesting. If you are a troll just looking to say I’m full of nonsense, then go away, your comment won’t be posted. Let’s have fun with answering why it’s so hard to “make it”, shall we?

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Leaf blower hell: Quote from Noise Free America

I am posting this because I have a problem with leaf blowers too, and lawn care people using gas powered generators to blow leaves around too. Also they use it during winter, the blowers for snow. They don’t realize that the sound is a frequency that gives off vibrations that harms more than just your ears, every cell of your body is harmed from constant vibrations.

College Park, Maryland: Leaf Blower Hell

January 1, 2015

Noise Free America
For immediate release

Karen Garvin

Ted Rueter

Chapel Hill:  College Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a population of more than 30,000 and home to the University of Maryland, has won this month’s Noisy Dozen award from Noise Free America for tolerating unhealthy levels of noise within the city’s mostly working-class neighborhoods.

College Park is bisected by a major thoroughfare (US Route 1) and bordered by the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495) and Interstate 95. Therefore, road noise is a definite issue for residents. But, according to Karen Garvin, a 35-year resident of the city, the most egregious noise comes from within the neighborhoods themselves–in the form of leaf blowers.

“When we moved to College Park in 1981, people raked their leaves,” Garvin stated. “You could talk to your neighbors while you worked. The city did two leaf pick-ups in the fall to discourage residents from burning them. One pick-up was done after Thanksgiving and the second was around the end of the year.”

However, Garvin notes that in recent years the city has doubled the number of leaf pick-ups–and they always seem to be scheduled during holiday periods. “The vacuum truck was on my street on December 23 and it came back on Christmas Eve–despite the fact that they’d already sucked up the leaves. It wasn’t a very peaceful holiday for me.”

Leaf blower noise is a year-round problem in College Park neighborhoods, but it is worse during the fall. The city’s Smartleaf program is designed to pick up leaves and yard clippings and compost them on city property, in order to minimize the amount of organic materials being dumped in landfills. Unfortunately, most people get their leaves ready for pick-up with a leaf blower, which causes horrendous amounts of noise and air pollution.

The noise never stops. Morning, noon, night, weekends, and even holidays, people are outside blowing leaves around. And it’s no ten-minute job, either. Says Garvin, “A couple of years ago, my neighbors were outside blowing leaves for more than eight hours on Thanksgiving Day!”

Leaf blowers produce around 115 decibels of sound. The Centers for Disease Control cautions that being exposed to this level of noise for periods longer than 15 minutes can result in hearing damage. Leaf blower noise exceeds the city’s noise ordinance daytime limit of 65 decibels. Also, the high frequency sound echoes off buildings, making it even worse.

As busy homeowners increasingly turn to lawn care services, their neighbors are subjected to the excessive noise produced by industrial law equipment, with teams of workers wielding gasoline-powered backpack leaf blowers, which are often much louder and dirtier than consumer models.

Noise is not the only problem with lawn equipment. Leaf blowers and other two-stroke engines are notoriously inefficient. The United Nations Environmental Program reports that they emit a significant amount of particulate matter into the air, including hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Leaf blowers also spray dirt and dust into the air, along with pollen, mold spores, and other substances which can greatly damage respiratory health.

“I’d like to open the windows in my house,” says Garvin. “However, as soon as I do, someone cranks up a leaf blower. I’m sick of the constant noise and I don’t want that dirt blown inside my home.”

College Park residents have been slow to embrace composing, and their continual use of leaf blowers endangers the physical and mental health of residents.”

Ted Rueter, Noise Free America’s director, commented that “the noise situation in College Park is typical. In the name of ‘beauty,’ many homeowners blast away for hours. American residents and government agencies need to realize that peace and quiet is far more important than the ‘perfect lawn.’ Local governments should enact severe restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers. The entire country has become leaf blower hell.”

Noise Free America is a national citizens’ organization opposed to noise pollution. Past “winners” of the Noisy Dozen award include Frostburg, Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and the D.C. Metro system.

UPDATE 4/6/2015

The landscaping company last week hired incompetent workers where I live. Last week, I was woken up by 4 men with leaf blowers in the same spot, presumably trying to dislodge something stuck in the grass. I think this could have been easily solved by them just bending over and picking up whatever piece of dirt or stick was there. But they seem to get paid for how long they use the leaf blower. Like there are time cards on the leaf blowers or something. Did nobody ever teach them how to bend over and use their hands?

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Martial Law or Police State in New Jersey

This post is just going to be a list, so check back often. I am going to write strange things I see in New Jersey and I don’t travel around the state that much so I don’t see it very often. Please comment here about what you see that could be seen as martial law or police state encroachment.


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Agenda 21 New Jersey right to water is at risk

This is a quote from working families of new jersey. I think it is focusing too much on voting rights. Agenda 21 won’t stop at taking our voting rights away. Once they have all water privatized, they can sell it back at whatever price they want and many people who can’t afford it will die of thirst.


I wanted to give you a quick update. Unfortunately, the legislative committee approved the water privatization bill and now it could go for a full vote in the legislature as soon as next week.

The voting rights of New Jerseyans everywhere are at risk. If we want to protect our right to vote on what happens to our water, we need to act right now.

Email your local legislators and tell them to vote NO on the water privatization bill.

Deborah Cornavaca
NJ Working Families

Breaking (and bad): Legislators may take away your right to vote on one of our most precious resources: water.

Under New Jersey law, a city or town has to hold a public referendum to privatize its water. But legislative leaders are now fast tracking a bill that cuts voters out completely. Foreign water companies will make a fortune, while voters will pay higher rates for dirtier water.

I’m going to testify against this terrible bill tomorrow, but I want more than my own voice there. I want to be able to say that legislative leaders have already received thousands of emails from Working Families activists like you telling them to protect our democratic rights and kill this bill.

Tell Assembly Speaker Prieto and Senate President Sweeney not to hold a vote on the water privatization bill.

For the last century, New Jersey law has required plans to sell off water systems to go before the voters. The idea is that politicians shouldn’t just be able to sell off what generations of New Jerseyans built together, and that the public should have the right to review any sale of a resource as fundamental as water.

Privatizing water might provide a nice one-time infusion of cash, but the fact is that water companies can make sky-high bids with the full knowledge that they can raise rates to cover the cost of the sale. The voters being cut out of the decision are the very ones who will end up paying for it.

In 2010, Trenton voters realized that the proposed scheme to privatize their water would lead to higher rates and dirtier water. They voted down the sale 4 to 1 vote. Since these multinational water corporations can’t convince voters, they want to just cut them out and work exclusively with the politicians whose campaigns they help bankroll. [1]

This is a blatant attack on democracy and local control, and if we don’t act now it could land on Governor Christie’s desk THIS MONTH.

Please send Speaker Prieto and Senate President Sweeney a message right now asking them to protect our right to vote by putting the breaks on this terrible bill.

Thanks for everything you do,

Deborah Cornavaca
New Jersey Working Families


[1] James M. O’Neill. “N.J. Senate bill would ease sales of water utilities.” The Record, November 29, 2014.


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Is ASMR harmful?

Read all about the new age occult devil worshipers and also how the medical establishment will take over this free ASMR movement online which was started to give simple relaxation, no harm done. Learn also about how people are brainwashed to want to receive torture by listening to binaural beats inducing altered states and astral projection. Also learn how yoga is linking your spirit with devils rather than the true Creator of the universe from the Bible. Also learn about feminization and femdom circles and submission hypnosis used to turn men into slaves and rob them of their natural inborn power to attract a woman into their life and keep her satisfied. The illuminati is an organization that is tied to the occult, and may have a hand in it though I am unsure, but that word is commonly used by people as just a code for all secret societies. However, it really is not a secret when Big Pharma is losing money on sleeping pills and sets its site on trying to control ASMR. They have done a whole lot to silence research into cures for illness because cures would put their pill making demonic sorcery scheme obsolete. I have the whole thing on my other blog. So comment on here and let me see your wordpress history and then if you are not a troll, I will let you see my blog post.

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