Christianity is an idol!

The only time i saw “Christianity is an idol” in the search is when people are listing certain denominations as the brand that is an idol. No, I say that the entire faith of Christianity is an idol!

The idea that you want to do great things for God and He wants you to do these great things. This is an idol. The idea that you want to run a church, join a church, be part of the church, have a wife, raise up kids, feed the poor, whatever it is you want to do, it’s an idol and it’s not really necessarily what God wants for your life.

You need to love God and submit to Him and listen for what he wants for your life and not decide on your own. If you are doing things you think are for God, and things are going well, then things fall apart, it was just demons that let it do well for you and then they left and your support went away and it was never God in the first place. Things have never gone well with me since I became a Christian and was given the holy ghost in 2009

I had more and more failures as I constantly tried to do things my way, and I am only now starting to realize that I must be in complete submission to God and reject everything I ever wanted and reject Christianity itself in order to really be led by God.

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Answering some tough family questions

Q: Help, I am single and pregnant with a married man’s baby?

A: In your situation I think what is best is to be with him too, and you and his current wife will be in a three way relationship with him, I am not positive that just having welfare is a good idea, this kid in you needs a father and preferably his real father. Another man involved will complicate it further. I think in the long time past, a man was responsible for whoever he made pregnant and he must be father to all children. That is one reason for why polygamy happened a lot. It wasn’t necessarily because men were sleazy. You probably are traditional though and won’t like it but that is ok. Many women secretly hate other women anyways but i think they shouldn’t and learn to love each other. This does not mean become bisexual of course not, his current woman would be like a sister to you. More people helping raise the children though is better than none. So you being a single mom trying to find a man to help raise your child is not a great idea for the child to be.

The courts around the world are run by satan and ungodly people. In the bible, you can see that the courts of Ancient Israel were run by Godly people and it was very common that when a man fathered more than one child from more than one woman, the women would move in with the man and he would help raise all his children. So I see no reason not to have this happen today. And therefore that is why I think that you should believe God will agree with this and not with what has been deemed traditional in the ungodly court systems of the world. Right now these ungodly court systems allow for divorce when God says to forgive and they marry homosexuals! What a disgrace.

The courts are in the business of punishing people for adultery because they love to make money, not because they care about the sin of adultery. But God is forgiving for the sin of adultery but it is much worse sin to put a child in a bad place by not having a rel father in his life. Studies have proven that a child who has to go through his parents divorcing suffers greatly, and a child who has to live in welfare or single mother homes is also suffering.

Q: My husband is abusive and I am thinking of getting a divorce?

A: If you are in a relationship and your spouse is physical or verbally abusive and prayer or intervention has not worked, then no, you are not allowed to get a divorce. But you can go through a separation where you move out and the church you attend is responsible for taking care of your needs and men in the church could be stand in fathers to help care for your children in the mean time. It is also important the husband goes through therapy that works along with serious prayer to get him the rehabilitation he needs. Quite possibly, generational curses or demonic possession could be causing it. Or maybe something genetic. But God doesn’t allow for divorce and remarriage. Only if a spouse dies is someone allowed to remarry.

Q: I am under 18 and my boyfriend got me pregnant and I don’t know how to tell my parents?

A: Firstly, this is a hard question to answer because I would need more information but in general, God is not judging you based on your age being “under 18″. Society has built laws around specific ages because it is too hard to operate a society working in God’s way of looking to each person’s heart and where they are at. That’s just something society can never do. So know that what matters most is what God thinks of you and that if you have a loving relationship with your boyfriend, you should be fine in His eyes. You must pray to God and ask Him to lead you what to say to your parents. Quite possibly maybe an older sibling or friend could help initiate a conversation for you and your parents.

Q: I am thinking of cheating. I don’t think my partner loves/understands me anymore.

A: Well of course I can understand how that feels. It feels incredibly frustrating to lose the connection to someone and when you can sense that your partner doesn’t even care, that is even worse. However, God does not condone cheating. There is a book that is really good. It is not the bible of course you don’t only have to go to the bible to learn about these things. It’s called Nonviolent communication. It’s about finding out what your needs are, and getting them communicated to someone in a compassionate way so that both people benefit. Most relationships really need this book because the reason relationships fail and the reason people cheat is because they are missing something and not getting their needs met. Order it here.

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Youtube spamming documentaries

I want to posit the idea that there are some documentaries that are coming out now to the online search engines to flood the engines with counterintelligence and this is what the CIA loves to do, by flooding the internet with their version of history and science, it is harder to find the truth. One such documentary is one Creatures of the Waters Reported Sightings of Sea Monsters which is a several part special by National Geographic but since it’s NG then it’s bound to leave more questions than answers and I could already tell by the first few minutes of the version I had which was only an hour and was cut at an odd moment that the narrator is an evolutionist and doesn’t believe the subject he is speaking about and that’s annoying when the narrator ruins the message such as the narrator of Hellstorm who lacked appropriate emotion and should have had more empathy and compassion when she sounded like someone who was excited because she must like graphic gore violence. I won’t name her but you can find out on the documentary who she is. And then this evolutionist on this video. Well the sea monsters are real, at first here is what I have to say about the  first supposed ebunk they gave of Lochness monster:

he says it’s the sun reflecting off the house on the hill? that’s pretty high up, you would see it at the same time each year at that same exact time then. that doesn’t follow, sorry mate, but he’s likely been there every year at the anniversary of the date to look for the monster and saw nothing. besides that, he saw it move around and he only captured it for a second in the picture!
And why just one house when htere are many houses that hte sun could be reflecting on.

So you can see it, this is weak and poor just like the evolutionists, heliocentrists, they are losing, and humanity is waking up to the truth, they can’t keep us down in these lies and just because they flood the search engines with infinite copies of a topic only proves something big is about to happen and the release of real information is getting out there, you just have to dig further. People are waking up and realizing that sea monsters are real and they are the sea serpents/dragons of the ancient world and always lived with man and not before because God created the whole world in just 6 days.  Most videos I would presume are fake and sensationalist by foolish people but these scientists want to debunk legitimate photos by real eye witnesses.

I think there are organizations out there that study this though and maybe they don’t believe they are dinosaurs but maybe they do. I believe the New Jersey devil is a pterodactyl. More on that in my other blog which is private, ask me if you are interested in seeing all the evidence.

Like for instance the evolutionist, who was given a demon to help him persuade by Satan, he’s sounding all mysterious to an obvious fake and making us think that he may believe that. Cognitive dissonance right there because someone makes it sound like he believes the fake and makes it sound like he doesn’t believe the real one. I think you would be best to never ever watch anything from National Geographic because not only is it total mind control with the special effects music and story, but also with the way the narrator speaks.

it doesnt look real but is it houses reflecting the sunno there is only one house being reflected like that and its so high up to make that reflection

I downloaded a nearly hour version, nearly 2 hour version, and also a nearly 4 hour and a half hour version and it was still incomplete! Well at the very end of that one, the narrator said that if there was something, there would be signs of its breeding? Would there? If they are really small when they are born and it takes a long time to grow becuase there is not that much food, but there is no reason for it to die because the food is always there in the lake bottom, hmmm, it would be really old wouldn’t it? You would not see it breed. It’s probably close to 1000 years old. And it probably owns that lake and goes through an undersea cave to breed in the hollow cavern system of the earth with other beasts that live in their own lakes halfway across the world. So I don’t see them ever figuring out what it is because they don’t believe in a 6000 year old earth, don’t believe in gigantism before the flood, don’t believe in the long lifespans of the ancient man in the bible, don’t believe in the flood, don’t believe in dinosaurs living with man, do not believe in a flat plane earth with hollow caverns beneath. They won’t ever figure it out.

Another reason why they may have been spamming youtube by the hour with documentaries is because they want to flood its bandwith because something big is going to happen soon and then these people won’t be able to upload their version of the events because the site would be down from constant uploading of really big videos. Or maybe Youtube wants to reach its own limit so they could go out and delete videos they don’t like such as real truther videos to make room for new uploads. It’s not all the same video up at the same time but for the past couple of months they were putting up different sizes of the videos and many different videos and some people are putting them up by the second. The reason why I think these people are shills is because they can’t seem to upload the whole video and that gets really annoying when you are watching something and it just ends in the middle of a sentence. The uploader/shill frequently say “full documentary” when it’s not.

On a side note, I wrote a post about ASMR which also touches on piracy and porn being on youtube with links to full movies but it would take you to a site where you would get a virus and I believed these fake videos were put out by the virus software companies to make you go to the site they created which has a virus to install on your computer so then you would have to buy their virus protection which is really spyware and adware to take screenshots of your computer and give them to the government for you trying to find movies online for free. Hope you aren’t foolish enough to fall for that trap.

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Moshe Feiglin calls for genocide of Palestinian people

Does Israel want to perform genocide on the Palestinians just like they did to the Germans after World War 2? Just for siding with Hitler they were guilty (I just watched the Hellstorm documentary and while I do not like the narrator, I think it was a story that must be told). Read below and it does say that woe to the wicked and his neighbor. This is antichrist because Christ said do not lift arms against your enemy, those who fight by the sword will die by it. and that’s why anyone who ever attacked anyone else eventually got attacked themselves so if the Israeli army does try anything like this against the Palestinians, you can be sure this would start WW3 and then Iran would strike Israel, and Russia and everyone else and the whole world would be in war again. I hope by putting it in English, people can read it and know what Israel is all about and take these evil, PURE ANTICHRIST and hatred people out of office. I would not be surprised though if both Israel and the Arab world make each other extinct. It seems people don’t learn from the horrors of war of the 20th century.

here is the post picture and translation below.

Moshe Feiglin post about genocide

Honor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Mr. Prime Minister It is now known that Hamas used the ceasefire to snatch an officer. It turns out that this campaign is not going to end so soon. Operation failures were buried at the beginning:

A – He does not have a clear and correct target.

B – No proper moral Shell supports our soldiers.

What is needed now is to internalize that Oslo is over, this is our land – only in our country, including Gaza! No two countries and no two people – there is only one state for one people. Following this internalization strategic change required a deep and fundamental – both in defining the enemy, both in defining the mission, both in defining the strategic objective and of course – the definition of fighting moral right and necessary.

1 – Defining the enemy Strategic enemy is radical Islam in the Arab Iran of all its derivatives Gaza wishing to destroy Israel as a whole. Hamas is the enemy in the eye. (No tunnels, no rockets – Hamas)

2 – Defining the mission: The conquest of the entire Gaza Strip and the elimination of all combatants and their supporters.

3 – setting the strategic goal: To turn Gaza and Jaffa. Israeli city thrives with a minimum of hostile civilians.

4 – Definition of combat morality:

“Woe to the wicked and woe to his neighbor”

In light of these four spots Israel immediately execute the following:

A – IDF define open areas on the Sinai border and close to the sea where the population will focus on civil-out built-up area and launching areas and tunneling. These areas will be set up tent camps to locate relevant immigration objectives. Electricity and water supply to areas that were populated – will be disconnected.

B – populated areas were shelled maximum firepower. All facilities of Hamas civilian and military, means of communication and logistics – are destroyed to the ground.

C – The IDF will break the strap length and width, greatly expand the delegates, will take over the control areas and destroy nests of resistance when such remain.

D – Israel will begin identifying countries and quotas refugees from Gaza. Who wish to immigrate to win a generous financial aid package and will host countries with significant economic capacity. God – who insists on staying and it is proven that it has no connection to Hamas, will be required to publicly sign a declaration of loyalty to Israel and receive Israeli identity card as similar to that of the Arabs of East Jerusalem.

And – with the fighting Israeli law applied throughout the Gaza Strip, Gush Katif will be invited to return to their villages and the city of Gaza and her daughters will be built in the cities of Israeli tourism and trade for anything. Mr. Prime Minister! This is a key decision-hour days of Israel.

All metastases enemy, Iran and Hezbollah to Da”s and the Muslim Brotherhood – now rubbing their hands in delight and preparing for the next round.

I warned that any result that is less than defined here means encouraging the continued offensive against Israel. Only if you understand how standardized Hhizballa Hamas in the south, prevent from launching his missiles 100,000 – north. I urge you to adopt the proposed strategy. I am sure that like me, the people of Israel will overwhelmingly to your right – if only to adopt.

Respect and high esteem

Moshe Feiglin

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Jesus Christ: the example of a real man

The war against men. The war did not begin in the 1960s or the 1920s. The current war began in the 1850s or 1860s when they started forcing boys and girls to go to school together, public schools. Boys and girls were of course still treated differently in school and it wasn’t until much later that they were treated the same. By that I mean that boys were probably given more rougher treatment in school and girls weren’t. And girls may have not finished as much or went as long as boys did. But the point of this was to take the role of the father out of their life and put some other person in charge. This is against God’s plan. God’s plan was simple homeschooling with just the parents and possibly immediate family raising the children 24/7. So then when boys and girls were separated, that was the beginning of the end of the family. Then parents were forced to bring home money to support the family. So then came the idea that it was the man that had to do it. This is the traditional idea that people who are atheist or false Christians push for that we go back to. They wish we would go back to pre-1960s or something like that thinking that the revolution happened when men and women started to do this sexual revolution, or maybe some people push the date back to the early feminist movement in the 1920s. Well they are wrong. While these were stepping stones to where we are today, they weren’t the main cause. In the good old days, and that is 150 years ago at least, all men and women worked together for the house and raising the kids together and kids grew up strong and smart as they needed to be. Men didn’t need to bring home money to support the family because the family had all its supplies and food growing on the land surrounding their house. And most of what kids learn in school is nonsensical lies that defy God’s words in the Bible anyways, i.e. evolution, geography, cosmology.

So basically, this round goes back to Cain and Abel when Satan saw that man could be pushed to do disgusting things: murder. If someone is pushed and nurtured in the right way, they will do murder. Let’s do a hypothetical experiment. Raise identical twins in two different means. Raise one boy by circumcising him as a newborn, and then raise him to be tough by not always picking him up when he cries, and teaching him sports, and getting him into action cartoons and dramas that involve heavy violence. Give him violent video games to play. Give him a football which is a high impact sport. Get him books detailing past wars in humanity’s history. Then the other twin, be loving to him, raise him up to be selfless, know sacrifice, be strong willed, know how to stand up for what’s right, and also do so without being violent. Basically raise him up to follow in Christ’s footsteps to live His life.  Jesus Christ is what? The Way, the Truth, the Life. Now most people only use the “Truth” part when they preach about how Jesus was the only way to the Father and say that all we need to do is just believe in him. But what they don’t realize is Jesus wants you to follow him, obey him, and follow him to God. This is what the other twin will be doing. And guess what? First twin will end up being a regular guy, maybe even a manly tough guy. Maybe he will go to school and become a politician, an athlete, or a war “hero”. And the second twin will grow up being no one special that the world likes, in fact the world will hate him. His compassion will be seen as weakness. It’s certainly not feminine. And his stance against sin and hypocrisy will be hated by all. And he will likely be cast out of society, framed for something he didn’t do, and thrown in jail where he will be transformative to the guys that are in there.  The guys who are in there follow the mold of the first boy, except their role models were not teaching them sports, or giving them video games to get their rage out. Their role models were likely the street thugs of the older generation giving them weapons and teaching them to survive the harsh streets of the inner city. Not much difference. The only difference is the play fighting in sports like dodgeball and video games with the suburbian kids and the real fighting with guns and knives with the inner city poverty kids. Their hearts are both in the same place already. Both are sinners and going to hell. What needs to be done like I said is men need to be raised in Christ’s footsteps, because he was a man who lived on earth, the greatest man who ever lived.

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What is a miracle of God? Analyzing a car crash

God intervenes: The person walks away unscathed from a total crash. This is a miracle of God, they should have been injured. I dont believe the devil, who seeks to destroy whoever he can would have anything to gain here. If it’s reported on the news, it usually is said it was a miracle or miracle of divine intervention.

Man intervenes: For worst case scenario to prove a point because we must logically see the other extreme in order to see where the mainstream medicine lies. Where does society lie? This also goes into the debate of euthanasia which I believe should not be debated in this particular incident. The person is badly injured, near death, and air lifted to a medical facility, immediately put on machines to keep him breathing, injected with IV, emergency invasive surgery. Then is left in a coma on the machines. The family is found and contacted for the bill. The bill goes up as the person is kept on machines, given organ transplants, and blood transfusions. Stem cell research has led to potential “cures” for his body. After a year of horrendous procedures and medical bills that the family cannot afford they finally save the man but he will be confined to a wheel chair. Stem cells are used to figure out how to get him to finally walk again.

What is a miracle of God? Is modern medicine really a miracle when they used things that are clearly prohibited by God’s words such as you should not ingest the blood of another because it contains the life force, the soul? And what about the stem cells from aborted fetuses supposedly giving this person a cure? What if they didn’t find the person in time? Could they really say a guardian angel was watching and got the person saved in time before he died? Thousands die in car crashes each year, where were their guardian angels? Were they sinners and deserved death when this person who “survived” did not deserve to die? Is God going to use this person to bring forth good works in the rest of his life?

To illustrate the point further that God is not involved in many supposed “miracles” I want to mention this one incident that happened last month that was publicized as a miracle. There was a car that went off the road into the woods. The police went looking for it and heard a woman’s voice. Then they found the car located where the voice was coming from. They found a dead woman and her baby in the car. The baby was saved from the wreckage and lived. Is this a miracle of God? I would argue that it’s not. Yes the baby lived. But all they could talk about is how the mother’s spirit was watching over the baby and calling out for help. This is against God’s words. People now have a reason to believe that after they die, they do not await the judgement, but can roam the earth, do last finished business. This is a pagan belief. Christians should not believe in ghosts. The truth is that there was a devil/demon involved, and they sound like a woman if needed. And they called out for help so that people would believe this lie about ghosts that you do not meet God upon death for the judgment. People would say that judgment doesn’t happen for the wicked until the resurrection, well I don’t want to get into it really in this blog, but you should read some of Don K Preston‘s work, because he’s already dealt with this belief in a future resurrection. So what happens at death? I think what happens is you meet God and then you get judged, if you were sinning, you have to go to punishment and if you are saved, you go to heaven. So this woman couldn’t have called for help, it was a devil/demon. If an angel of God was doing it, they would surely have led the police whether with a male voice or just a nod like “follow me” and the police would have said they saw a man or heard a man’s voice and the news would have speculated that an angel of God was watching out for the baby. They would never have said anything about a woman’s voice and a ghost. Therefore there would not have been any reason to plant seeds of doubt in God’s words in the Bible that we are appointed to live once, then the judgment.

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